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JSR 286 Implementation and IPC

Posted by ahashim on November 5, 2008 at 8:46 AM PST

JSR286 or Portal 2.0 is the next step in Portal development. It takes long time to get a step in this area; although the commercials solutions like Oracle Portal and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal are far ahead from the standards and open source solutions.

The questions is, did any vendor implements JSR286 100% including IPC "Interportlet communication" with JSF& AJAX Integration?

I want to develop a simple portal out of the commercial solutions, stick to the standards to achieve cross-application server compatibility. On the same time, I will not write a Portlet Servlet or JSP pages like what I have done 4 years ago, I wanna use the latest technologies like JSF, RichFaces, DWR, Dojo, Flex and reuse the JSF stuff I have did so far.

All claims that JSR286 is implemented, but I didn't find anyone talking about IPC and JSF Integration.

Can anyone correct me if I am wrong "I hope so"? If I am right, what is the hell is going to be happen in the communities?

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@paedagogus yeah, PortalPack looks nice too, check this demo

Liferay allows for the use of the Sun OpenPortal as the container implementation. Liferay is was then adopted by Sun as the core for their WebSynergy project. IPC is supported, and if you are looking for JSF & AJAX integration, the PortalPack 3.0 m2 provides a very good start.

Hi bdaw, I will check the latest version of JBoss portal; my trials in 2.6 were in vain.