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Announcing the Java Power Tools Forum

Posted by johnsmart on November 6, 2008 at 4:25 PM PST
All true craftsmen need the best tools

I've have many requests to set up a forum for the Java Power Tools book - so, here it is!. The aim of this forum is to provide a place where we can discuss the tools and techniques described in Java Power Tools, and SDLC tools in general, in order to help each other improve our development practices and hopefully become more effective developers!

So, if you have questions or comments about Java Power Tools, this is a great place to place them!

And, to get the ball rolling, I've just posted a poll on Continuous Integration notification techniques. Does everyone use plain old email notifications, or are people also using more interactive approaches such as IM, or "information radiator" approaches using things like lava lamps or big flat-screen displays? Check out the poll. to find out!

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There should be an open source "enterprise project setup". Someone must have done this - do you know of any that is a few clicks to a best of class enterprise project setup?