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Google kicks OpenOffice to the curb?

Posted by joconner on November 11, 2008 at 9:59 PM PST

I was just perusing the Google Pack Software page, Google's free software downloads. I noticed something remarkable. OpenOffice is no longer there.

OpenOffice has enjoyed the partnership of Google for a while, being part of the Google Pack Software. But no more. OpenOffice just isn't there.

I suppose Google prefers the online document editor hosted on its own site...its very own Google Docs. Eh, I can understand that. I was just a little surprised that FireFox continues to be available however. I suppose Google must wait until its own Chrome browser is truly cross-platform before it dumps FireFox from the free software pack. From what I can tell, Chrome only runs on Microsoft Windows. When that list of supported platforms includes Linux and maybe Mac OS X, don't expect Google to keep FireFox in their pack. Chrome will no doubt take the empty slot at that point.

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Perhaps that's why Sun now bundles an invasive installer and marketing material when downloading the latest Java version.

Google Pack also runs only on Windows, so Chrome not running on Linux et al is not an issue.