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Writing a Twitter like application using Grizzly Comet part 1: The Servlet

Posted by jfarcand on November 30, 2008 at 9:01 PM PST

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@ pollux0505 No only with GlassFish. Atmosphere ( will bring portability to Comet application....A+

Jean Francois, I am having difficulties updating my current installation of Glassfish v3 Prelude with the latest Grizzly snapshot. Specifically, I am working on an application that uses the DeliverResponse object to to notify clients and I have posted my issue on nabble, etc. Would you please let me know what the latest version of Grizzly Glassfish v3 Prelude supports, how to download it, and how to install it? Thank you, Anthony

hi jfrcand: could grizzly comet work in tomcat?thanks

This is cool, I'm going to try it out

@Gustav, the CometHandler must be synchronized because two CometContext might invoke simultaneously the CometHandler. I still need to look at you patch :-) Thanks!!

in comethandler you use : public synchronized void onEvent(CometEvent event) why do you let worker threads to block waiting for the current worker thread to finish its client io ?. thats what your design allows for. i did send you a patch where the comethandler queues io and allows other threads then the current one to return and not block and wait.

hi jean, if u can give me a favour.........please tell to set a jar file in to a window service..............i have a jar file.......and i don't want to execute it by double clicking..........rather i want to set this jar file as a windows service,,,,,,,,,,,,,do u have any idea..............please...... guide me