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JavaFX at Devoxx

Posted by joshy on December 13, 2008 at 3:59 AM PST

I'm in the London airport awaiting my flight back home. After an exhausting week at Devoxx it will be good to be home and on vacation until the end of the year. And what a year it has been. At JavaOne we showed new JavaFX features and gave a roadmap for the JavaFX preview and final release. Now, six months later, we have hit every milestone and JavaFX 1.0 is out for the world to play with and build on. It feels immensely satisfying (and tiring) to have the bits out there.

Devoxx was definitely a success. This was my first trip to the illustrious conference. All I knew was that it was held in a movie theater. However, I was unprepared for the scope and size of the event. It's really the JavaOne of Europe, but with better beer.

I would say that JavaFX was a hit at Devoxx. There was a ton of interest and lots of questions. We are getting great feedback and certainly want more. All of the JavaFX sessions were well attended and I saw quite a few people hacking away in NetBeans with the new SDK.

Here's just a few important thing that happened recently in the JavaFX world.

Over the coming weeks I'll have more blogs about JavaFX - Swing integration, how to use CSS, and other cool features you might have missed in the 1.0 release. And of course we have the final version of JavaFX Mobile coming out early next year. So stay tuned. And in the mean time, go play with JavaFX and tell us what you build.


> we have hit every milestone and JavaFX 1.0 is out for the *world* to play with and build on So, does it means we, Linux users, are now officially aliens? Cool, I always suspected that :-) PS: no, you don't need to point me that blog that explain it will be available ASAPP. First, I'm aware of it. Second, I don't care, sorry...

Hi Josh, I'm looking for someone to give a Java FX talk to the Calgary Java Users's Group in Feb. We have the tech to do a web conference so the speaker wouldn't need to come to us. Just wondering if you or someone you know would be interested. - Peace Dave

Hi Josh, JavaFX presentations really rocked at devoxx. The one i liked was the borderless windows with rectangles and circles bind together (basically a borderless rounded rectangle with a cross mark). This was presented by Richard Bair on wednesday session and he mentioned that you wrote the code for the presentation. Can you publish the code for it as i couldn't find an equivalent tutorial?

Hi Josh, I specially enjoyed your session about deployment. You showed a demo with calling JavaScript from a JavaFX applet. Could you post an example here?