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Someday We'll Know

Posted by editor on December 18, 2008 at 7:45 AM PST

Questions about JavaFX getting a complete spec, a roadmap, an open-source release, and more

Is this the "Now What?" moment? With JavaFX 1.0's release now a few weeks behind us, people are asking where we go from here.

Sun Client Software Group VP Jeet Kaul writes, "I have been getting a lot of great feedback on JavaFX after the launch and obviously a lot of questions too. Since people don't have the ability to walk across the hallway to question Jai, our PM for JavaFX, and get questions answered; I will do that here." In JavaFX - the road ahead, he addresses questions about publishing an open spec for JavaFX, an open-source implementation, a detailed roadmap, public bug-tracking, the FXD format, Swing dependencies, media codecs, Linux support, and more.

Also in the Java Today section, there's more advance information for attendees of the Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days: Roger and Terrence have just published newsletter #2, spotlighting speakers Chen Fishbein and Yoav Barel, along with the half-day LWUIT tutorial that's also the topic of Java Mobility Podcast #64. They also asked us to point out a Mobile Developer
created by Dr. Albert Lia from the Carnegie Mellon CyLab Mobility
Research Center.

Bruce Eckel looks to deflate some of the more optimistic among the Java community in his Artima editorial Will Open-Sourcing Java Remove Competetive Corporate-Think? Arguing that the community remains dominated by Sun and its corporate needs, Bruce writes "open-sourcing Java is not going to make it an open-source project. The culture that has built up around Java for over ten years is not going to change just by moving to a new license. A truly open-source programming language does not have shareholders to serve. It can only serve its actual customers, the programmers who are consuming the language."

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 64: LWUIT Half Day Tutorial, in which Jonathan Knudsen talks about the LWUIT and the LWUIT Half Day Tutorial that he and Chen Fishbein will be giving the day after M3DD.

In today's Forums, jseltzer speaks up for JavaFX in the reply Re: Sleeping with the enemy. "I appreciate everything Sun is doing in the Java space. I love Swing and I'm busy trying to learn JavaFX. I'm not worried about one replacing the other. I'm also not oblivious to Sun's current condition. No one should forget that Sun is trying to do with 150 employees what Microsoft does with 15000 employees. Sooner or later things get stretched thin and some things get less attention than others. That's just the way it is. Frankly, I'm amazed how much those 150 developers manage to accomplish."

trembovetski addresses Swing performance testing in
Re: Performance regression in 6u12 b02. "There was some reason for why we can't open source Swingmark, I forget what it is. We did consider adopting new benchmarks for Swing since SM is very limited, but never had the time to either develop a new one or evaluate the existing ones. May be we should now. Basically we need to convince someone from the Swing team to take ownership of this task, evaluate and adopt/integrate the benchmark into our performance testing framework. "

SueAnn Spencer announces that a
v3 Prelude Quick Start screencast is available. "The screencast for the v3 Prelude Quick Start Guide is now available. This video, which demonstrates key features in v3 Prelude, is a good place to start to learn about the basics of this release. Watch it here. The screencast is also available on Sun's Mediacast site here."

Continuing a remarkably shameless "do my homework" thread from yesterday, brahms demands an answer-check in Re: some exam questions. "i already know the answers however am not to sure if i am right. so all answer theses questions and if i am wrong please let me know."

Sergey Malenkov offers a JavaFX demo applet in today's Weblogs. In
How to rock around the clock?, he writes, "JavaFX has been released recently and now many beginners google on how to start programming. Let us consider a very simple example of drawing a clock face in JavaFX."

Sebastien Dionne shows off some JSP tricks in
DisplayTag : Create a html grid within five minutes. "DisplayTag supports sprt, [agination, and export to xls, csv, and pdf. I'll show you how to use it to replace your own table."

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Questions about JavaFX getting a complete spec, a roadmap, an open-source release, and more