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Wild Hope

Posted by editor on December 19, 2008 at 7:32 AM PST

ME developers assemble their wish list

Where is Java ME going in the very turbulent mobile market? On the one hand, you have all the activity coming from the iPhone camp and its reenergized rivals, and on the other hand, the Java world seems to have multiple stories: ME, JavaFX Mobile, and the idea pointed out by James Gosling last year that the mobile device is increasingly capable of running Java SE.

Let's reorient that question: where do developers want ME to go? A year ago at the Mobile and eMbedded Developer Days, we discussed fragmentation and the use of app-signing as a means of enforcing handset-makers' and carriers' business models. One carrier representative even scoffed at the idea of the indie developer making a difference from his or her basement. 300 million iPhone App Store downloads and a few bedroom developer millionaires later, the lie has surely been put to that argument, and it's hard not to see a massive, massive missed opportunity in denying ME developers access to the end user for all these years.

If ME is to have a bright future, then maybe it's time to start listening to developers, the ones who've been saying for years they want solutions to the obstacles that separate them from end-users.

ME developer Sean Sheedy calls for a discussion to set the ME developer agenda in his forum post, Java ME EC topics:

On the JCP EC (Executive Committee)'s email reflector, we are talking about carving out time during January's face-to-face meeting for topics specific to ME, including fragmentation, governance, platform direction, etc, with the idea being to turn ideas into action. I have my own ideas on what's needed, and plan to raise issues that have been stated previously. But the EC needs to hear what's on the mind of the general developer community, especially in light of newer mobile development platforms on the scene. What topics do you think the EC should be addressing?

Speaking of hopes, dreams, and disappointments, the latest Poll asks
"Which of these excluded-from-Java-7 features were you most interested in?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for current tallies and discussion.

Also in today's Forums, kirillcool complains about the ineffectiveness of filing bugs on the Bug Parade in his followup, Re: Performance regression in 6u12 b02. "Which reminds me of another conspiracy theory that i frequently revisit - that the only way to have an issue fixed is to have it submitted to bug parade by the member of the relevant internal development team just before he / she intends to fix it. I stopped submitting issues about two years ago when three consecutive reports were not even acknowledged and never made it to the public site. I believe that this specific theory is shared by many people."

demonduck wants to see Java
Make OpenGL (JOGL) standard in plugin2.... "I am not sure of the plans for OpenGL (JOGL) for the JRE and plugin2 but I think -- given what I've seen on my machine -- that OpenGL as a general purpose API for graphics is a big win. It blows the socks off Java2D. I would like OpenGL (JOGL) to be a standard library for the JRE."

It's not clear what veerasek is trying to do in seeking to Convert XML File from HTML file using java, but maybe you can help figure it out. "I would like to convert XML file from HTML file using Java. If anyone of you have sample code please share with me. Your suggestions greatly appreciated."

In Java Today, the Call for Papers for the JavaOne 2009 conference ends Friday, December 19, at Midnight. "The 2009 JavaOne Conference content will be organized across four broad, high-level areas which capture the major dimensions of activity and attention around and within the Java platform:" Rich Media Applications and Interactive Content, Mobility, Services, and Core Technologies. Approved speakers can expect to be notified by the second week of February, 2009.

Kirill Grouchnikov profiles one of the most prominent end-user Swing applications in the discussion Java desktop spotlight - interview with Sam Berlin of LimeWire. Sam discusses LimeWire's purpose and its remarkably long history, the choice of Swing for its GUI and his opinions on it, what he thinks of JavaFX and the prospect of using it for LimeWire in the future, and how Swing would need to change to be more useful to today's designers.

OpenGL is famous for its teapot, so JavaFX has... a cuppa joe? In the 2D graphics tutorial JavaFX Coffee Cup, technical writer Scott Hommel writes, "I came across this article, which builds a 3D coffee cup using a freeware vector graphics drawing program called inkscape. Having a limited GUI background, this was exactly the kind of breakdown that I needed. It explained how to make "3D" looking objects from basic 2D shapes, filled in with various color gradients. The challenge to myself was to basically "port" their tool instructions to equivalent calls in the API. By the end of the afternoon, I'd made this cool looking cup."

In today's Weblogs, Cay Horstmann discusses how to take Baby Steps with JSF 2. "There are several blogs that tell you how to do fancy things with the upcoming JSF 2 (such as the excellent blogs by Ryan Lubke and Jim Driscoll). In this blog, I look at the other side of the coin--how the simplest things are working out. After all, if Ruby on Rails has taught us anything, it is that a technology that makes the simple things simple has a great shot at getting developer mindshare."

John Ferguson Smart writes, "This is a short article I wrote for the Devoxx conference, and which appeared in one of the Parlays magazines that was distributed during the conference." Check it out: Boss, we need a new build server.

Finally, Binod's SailFin: Record-Route issues with SIP "explains how SailFin handles the record-route issues when the proxy is serving endpoints using different transports."

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ME developers assemble their wish list