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Flamingo 4.0 - core feature freeze and release schedule

Posted by kirillcool on December 23, 2008 at 9:09 AM PST

Yesterday has marked the completion of all planned core features for the version 4.0 of Flamingo component suite (code named Fainnear). Here is a short list of all the features that have been added to Flamingo ribbon component - click on each feature to see the screenshots and the relevant APIs.

The ribbon component is ready for application testing and feedback. Release candidate is scheduled for January 26 and the final release is scheduled for February 9.

To see the Flamingo ribbon component in action under core look-and-feels, run the following WebStart demo:

To see the Flamingo ribbon component in action under Substance look-and-feel, run the following WebStart demo:

If you want to test the ribbon in your applications, you would need the following (the last two only for applications running under Substance look-and-feel):

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Please subscribe to the "users" mailing list of Flamingo and re-post your question there. Thanks Kirill

Hello, I have been examining the Flamingo package, especially the JRibbon and support components. The package is very useful. I have noticed that there are not RichToolTips for the expand button of the JRibbonBand. Am I missing something or is this functionality not implemented? If not yet implemented is it being planned? Thanks. John Gewecke