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Sea Of Joy

Posted by editor on December 24, 2008 at 5:11 AM PST

Dive into the holiday season

Today's front page is the last update we'll be making before the holiday break. Thanks as always to the team at Sun (Marla Parker, Gary Thompson, Sonya Barry, et. al.), O'Reilly (Nancy Abila, Sarah Kim, Jennifer Palm, Kevin Farnham), Collabnet (Andrew Kelly and crew), and elsewhere (Eric Renaud, community leaders one and all). We hope we've been able to continue a sense of community in, and that it will continue to be valuable to you in 2009.

In Java Today,
Danny Coward's year-end post points us to Infinity Labs' interesting list of Ten Amazing Java Applications. "Java is such a great language and platform for any kind of application. It is open, fast, powerful, runs on any platform, and there are more jobs for Java than any other programming language. After reading more FUD and Java bashing from Ruby land I thought it would be fun to put together a list of truly amazing uses of Java that covers a wide spectrum." projects on the list include Project Looking Glass and Flying Saucer.

Kirill Grouchnikov has announced a core feature freeze and release schedule for the Flamingo Swing component suite. New features for 4.0 are: Contextual task groups, Taskbar, Application title bar, Main application menu button, Pluggable resizing policies, Minimizing the ribbon, Horizontal scrolling for content under small widths, Better support for placing core controls and button groups in ribbon bands, Key tips, and Screen tips (AKA rich tooltips). A release candidate is due January 26, 2009, with final release following on February 9.

The Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days are just four weeks from now. Read the featured segments on embedded sessions in the third of our weekly
M3DD newsletters. This edition of the newsletter includes profiles of speakers Joe Polastre of Sentilla and Eric Arseneau, Primary Investigator on the Squawk project.

Today's Weblogs begin with James Gosling's year-end greeting,
Merry Christmas Everyone! "It's been a great year in the Java universe: JavaFX 1.0 launched; NetBeans 6.5; Glassfish V3; JDK6u10/11; MSA; OpenJDK&jdk7... OpenSolaris 2008.11, OpenStorage, OpenSSO, VirtualBox, OpenOffice 3, MySQL 5.1..."

Jacob Hookom offers some ideas for
Accelerating Applications with Java 5 Concurrency. "Does your service tier or web tier processor sit wastefully idle under peak use? A look at Java 5 concurrency and ways to increase efficiency of linear processes and services, especially for high throughput situations. This blog deals with shared Thread Pool use and preventing resource starvation."

In today's Forums, the LWUIT project's Chen Fishbein announces a
New Code Drop available for download! "We have uploaded a new version to the site. The new version highlights are: * Bug fixes and performance are the major aspects of this drop, * Major refactoring of the implementation code moving it into a public package to allow extending using a standard approach. *Improved touch functionality in LWUIT including support for multi-touch devices and click screen devices (pointer hover). * Improved the edt loop including performance improvements and perceived performance issues. * New auto-testing and recoding framework for LWUIT debugging. * Memory/Performance improvements for bitmap font drawing, using WeakReferences for better caching and removing the current hack with light mode. * Added the encoded image class which is designed to load the image as a byte array and only show it as a weak reference.* LWUIT Makeover is now a part of the binary drop. Enjoy!"

xyonanexus wants to know
Why do I have to restart GlassFish on every single little change?
"Maybe it's just my particular installation of glassfish but it seems for even the most trivial change I have to restart the entire application server for the changes to take effect. Particularly for entries such as JNDI or enabling certain log monitoring features. Does it really have to be like that? Does changing my password really mean I have to shut down the entire application server for it to take effect? Enabling precompile means that again the WHOLE server has to be shutdown and rebooted again? Maybe I'm the only one annoyed by this but it certainly seems ridiculous."

Finally, malm may have a tricky request in
WSIT - How to sign without encryption?. "I have a requirement for a webservice client to do soap message body signing (using RSA-SHA) but no header encryption. And can't figure out how to write the appropriate WS-Policy for that. Signing the body is easy with the combination of an AsymmetricBinding and a signedPart/Body declaration. However, the generated messages seem to always have their headers encrypted (same when using SymmetricBinding). How can tell Metro to leave the headers unencrypted?"

Current and upcoming Java

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Oh, and for those of you playing the Editor's Daily Blog game, here's the answer key for 2008. You can scan through the blogs in the archives. How many did you get?

Week of Artist / theme
1/2/08 Bend Sinister
1/7/08 Travelling Wilburies
1/14/08 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
1/21/08 Fugazi
1/28/08 dEUS (Dalibor Topić's suggestion)
2/4/08 Foo Fighters
2/11/08 The Replacements
2/18/08 Belle & Sebastian
2/25/08 Death Cab for Cutie
3/3/08 The Jam
3/10/08 Tokyo Police Club
3/17/08 Tori Amos
3/24/08 Aimee Mann
3/31/08 INXS
4/7/08 Pixies
4/14/08 Neil Young
4/21/08 Spilt Enz
4/28/08 The Polyphonic Spree
5/12/08 Sonic Youth
5/19/08 Jason Mraz
5/26/08 Sugar
6/2/08 Herman's Hermits
6/9/08 Duran Duran
6/16/08 Barenaked Ladies
6/23/08 Sparks
6/30/08 Chris Isaak
7/7/08 The Black Keys
7/14/08 STS9
7/21/08 Modest Mouse
7/28/08 Von Bondies
8/4/08 The Apples In Stereo
8/11/08 Hüsker Dü
8/18/08 Jamiroquai
8/25/08 Kevin F guest blogs + Born Ruffians
9/1/08 Juliana Hatfield
9/8/08 The Killers
9/15/08 The Stills
9/22/08 The Verve Pipe
9/29/08 Lucinda Williams
10/6/08 The Decemberists
10/13/08 Daryl Hall & John Oates
10/20/08 Fall Out Boy
10/27/08 Mustard Plug
11/3/08 The All-American Rejects
11/10/08 Gentle Giant
11/17/08 Love and Rockets
11/24/08 Seven Mary Three
12/1/08 Joel Plaskett Emergency
12/8/08 The Cribs
12/15/08 Mandy Moore
12/22/08 Blind Faith

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Dive into the holiday season