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GlassFish @ University of Essex and Frankfurt - Go Campus Ambassadors!

Posted by arungupta on January 13, 2009 at 10:57 AM PST

This blog highlights couple of contributions by href="">Campus
Ambassadors (CA) from
University of Essex
and Frankfurt
towards GlassFish.

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Jenya Kovalchuk (Campus Ambassador in the University of
Essex, UK) gave a href="">talk
on GlassFish. The pre- and post-conditions of talk are really

Pre-condition: No one out of 25 present ever heard about GlassFish

Post-condition: Everyone is looking forward to put their hands on, how
great it is! dear all, we are approaching labs where the software is
already installed…

That means there are approx 15 more students who are now trying their
hands on GlassFish :)

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Igor Geier from University of Frankfurt developed a href="">A
MySQL GlassFish application. The application is a
work-in-progress but it sure will show the ease-of-use of GlassFish and
tight integration with NetBeans.

Thank you very much for talking about/using GlassFish!

Please drop a comment on this blog if you have talked about GlassFish
in your school/university/training. If you'd like to talk about it then
provides a comprehensive list of material (slides, demos, etc.) to get
you started!

Check out how widespread CAs are in this href="">global
map. Follow their href="">aggregated
blogs for details on what they are doing.

And occassionally we conduct href="">contests
for students where prize money is awarded for the best

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