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God bless Stephan Janssen and BeJUG :-)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on January 27, 2009 at 2:32 AM PST

The 2009 edition of Devoxx (former JavaPolis) will be held in November (16-20) instead of December, as shown in the web site of the conference (and announced in the latest newsletter). Chances of having some more degrees and photographing Bourgogne and Champagne-Ardenne with a somewhat better weather :-) Also the fewer chances of driving through a snow storm are appreciated.

Thanks BeJUG!

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Well, Carol, it's a matter of chances. This year it even snowed hard in Riviera (and in my home city). Yes, Sven, it's a pity about Xmas markets. I didn't have time to attend those in Antwerpen, but I saw one along the road, at Cremieu in France. It was really picturesque.

But we will miss the christmas markets... ;-)

I wouldn't count on good weather in Belgium or Burgundy in November either ;) I used to live in Basel , not too far from Burgundy and November is dreary wet grey. Gotta go to the Cote D'azur for sunshine