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Yet Another Java Blogger

Posted by mkarg on February 1, 2009 at 12:00 AM PST

So here I am: Yet Another Java Blogger. Some more guy that you never have heard of ever before. One more guy convinced his weird thoughts are worth getting published. One more feed to subscribe. But who the heck is that strange guy and why does he think that anybody will ever have interest in his distorted view of the world?

Image of Markus KARG

Well, first of all, sorry for shocking The Empire with my subversive addresses. I know it is absolutely unpardonable to blog on the mother of all Java Development sites while not being a well-known Java Saint or hyped by the community in any other way, neither being at least simply a Sun employee. But in the last months in turned out more and more that there are several informations and opinions that just do not find their way into the Java public, and so I am sorry but I do not see any alternative to blogging those news here on, for the sake of truth and political independence. I promise that I will not blog just to read my own words, and to embellish my postings as quick and easy as possible, so nobody should get bored unduly when feeling coerced to read them (what I do not expect as nobody knows about this blog at all so far).

If, to any incomprehensible reason, you actually want to come back and check for any news in this blog, what can you expect to find here? Despite the subtle irony and sarcasm that you might already have noticed, in my postings you will find an independent view on the Java Universe from the point of view of an ISV developer that is not always in line with the big stakeholders, as "common sense" and "pure logic" is more what I want for Java than chasing every other hype (in other words: I try to offer some insight into The Matrix without forcing you to take either of the two pills). If you have the feeling that the other technology is old wine in new skins, here you will find confirmation. Besides this, you will certainly find any news about the lots of projects I am involved in, so you can catch a glimpse behind the scenes of some interesting stuff you might never had heard of before.

So far for today, stay tuned for the next episode.


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