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Sun has fixed SBDTV Forum's messy with the new Java DTV specification

Posted by brunogh on February 16, 2009 at 9:13 AM PST

After almost one year, Brazil's Digital Television Forum (SBTVD) has finally fixed the royalty confusion with Sun's help. We now have a royalty-free/open source specification that substitutes the GEM API in the Brazilian middleware Java subsystem (Ginga-J). This specification seems to be using LWUIT for the UI. Download the javadoc here.

I do still have a few questions. How this specification will evolve since it is not standardized as a JSR in the JCP? Is there any tools/emulators to play with the specification? OpenGinga?

Finally, congrats for the people that have worked on that. Open source did one more point! You can check the announcement in portuguese here and find a nice recap in this Rob Glidden's blog entry.

Bruno Ghisi

Disclaimer: This post - and all the old and new ones - express my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of my actual employee.

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what a great news !! long time dreaming with TV programming, perhaps now we have a better chance....

What a great news!! And what a pitty by being so late to me. =P I'm glad to see the open ginga, it could be just like (or even better then) NCL if not released so late.