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Do we have a JavaFX Community site?

Posted by joconner on February 16, 2009 at 7:15 PM PST

I know we have, but I wouldn't call that a community site really. You get all the JavaFX announcements, downloads, docs...sure that's important. However, I'm not sure that makes a community site.

Is that place? Maybe it could be, but it's not now. Is it Not really, not yet anyway.

I suppose I'm looking for a single site where forums, faqs, demos, articles, aggregated blogs, etc can ALL be found. Does that exist? Can it exist?

Let me know what you know. Where do you go for JavaFX questions, answers, forums, blogs? Is it good to find things scattered all over the net, or would you like a single, real community site that attempts to pull all that together for you?

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If one wanted to add a blog to, how would one do that?

Further investigation of shows that it actually does aggregate a few javafx blogs, does point to external articles, and even points to a multiple forums on Maybe I disregarded it too soon. Maybe it's growing very fast!

For showing off things you've built we've got the just launched For general community stuff we are planning new parts of that will group together the many community features.

We have the Openjfx that could be used for that but right now there's the JavaFX community at Wikia with a really good amount of material. Take a look at