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The 2009 Continuous Integration poll - new and improved!

Posted by johnsmart on February 21, 2009 at 12:14 PM PST

Last week, I put the 2009 Continuous Integration poll online. However, at one point, I started to notice some major irregularities in the voting patterns - in short, some unscrupulous voters where apparently attempting to skew the results in their favour. This poll is intended to be an informal survey of real CI usage patterns, to help users learn what tools other people are using in the industry, and certainly not a commerical tool for vendors. As a result, I have reset the counters and upgraded the poll to a more secure system. Now, you can also vote for more than one tool (many organizations that I work with do have more than one CI tool in production at once). My apologies for those who have already voted - please vote again and make your vote count! And for everybody else - come along and cast your vote!

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