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Borrowed Time

Posted by editor on February 25, 2009 at 9:21 AM PST

Filling out a JCP EC term

The Planetarium passes along the announcement that voting begins today for the JCP special election.

There's a vote now, to fill a vacant seat on the href="">Java ME EC.
There are 4 candidates fighting for this seat. href="">Aplix, who
build Java implementations for mobile phones, href="">Cox
Communications, big in home entertainment (particularly TV), and
two active Java ME developers href="">Shawn Fitzgerald
and Marlon Luz,
standing as individuals.

The JCP has provided a forum on its site for statements from the candidates and for Q&A with them.

JCP members (as individuals or primary contacts for their company or organization) should have received voting information from the JCP already. Balloting closes March 10, and the winner will serve out the term resigned by Intel, which ends in December 2010.

In other JCP-related news in the Java Today section,
the JCP SE/EE Executive Committee has voted (12 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain, 1 not voting) to approve the public review of JSR 316, the Java EE 6 "container JSR". The spec adds JSR 196 (Java Authentication SPI for Containers), JSR 299 (Web Beans), JSR 311 (JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services). EE 6 also introduces a "profile" concept for defining task-specific subsets of the EE stack, such as a "web" profile that omits parts of EE that would not be useful for or relevant to web-based applications.

In the Devoxx keynote video, JavaFX: The Platform for Rich Internet Applications, Danny Coward presents the Top Ten Things developers need to know about JavaFX, from graphics to video, NetBeans to the JavaFX Production Suite, and offers a variety of slick demos and a roadmap for the future of the platform.

Today's highlighted Forum messages are all about GlassFish, starting with, dgibson's
Totally New to GlassFish - Multiple developers on one server. "Our company has just decided to go Open Source for nearly everything. I've been tasked with learning how to setup GlassFish for our application server. Ideally, we would like to be able to setup one development GlassFish server (on Ubuntu Linux) so that each of 5 developers can develop, deploy and test their web apps independently of each other I've been reading about clustering, instances and domains, but I cannot seem to get a clear handle on how to go about setting something like this up. We have a similar environment currently running on Solaris and WebLogic and were hoping to be able to do it on GlassFish."

mgibbens is open to suggestions on how to handle versioning in
Web service major version, best practice. "I have a question about Web Service versioning best practice. I am introducing a new version (v2) of an existing web service (v1), to incorporate a minor change in the schema. A header field which was optional, is now required, and so v2 is not fully backwards compatible with v1. I could import the v1 schema into the v2 schema, and define a new v2 header element. However, since the v2 schema has a different namespace to the v1 schema, then I need to use a mixture of v2 and v1 elements in the XML."

Finally, tenglish wants to know how to roll out Glassfish in the DMZ. "We are getting ready to deploy our first Java based service into our DMZ. We have a requirement to create services that can be consumed by many different client types. This led us to designing web services. As a team, we have not come across any good documentation on best practices for deploying public facing web services into the wild. I would like to ask the user community some rather basic "how do you..." or "we are thinking of doing X. Is this how you do it?" questions..."

Tday's Weblogs begin with Terrence Barr's
Newsflash! iPhone UI, JavaFX in 15 mins, Devoxx keynote, developer survey, and more ... "There's been a lot of news bits and snippets of information rolling in over the last two weeks - in fact, too much to cover in a single blog entry. I thought I'd compile some of the more interesting bits..."

Also, Marina Sum links to a look at Sun OpenSSO Enterprise In the Coming Year. "Watch the video of a Webinar by Sun's Jamie Nelson and Daniel Raskin on the 12-month roadmap of Sun OpenSSO Enterprise, the commercial release of OpenSSO."

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Filling out a JCP EC term