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SGMP CaMS Mobile Client Walk-through

Posted by ryan_shoemaker on March 4, 2009 at 5:42 PM PST

Here is another short mobile client walk-through screencast. This client was developed for an SGMP customer looking to replace an outdated e-mail based interface being used by their mobile work force. We worked through their use-cases and developed this mobile client to meet all of their requirements. They specifically requested a very simple user interface, so we chose to use LCDUI from MIDP.

We called the app "CaMS" which stands for "Case Management System". It is a very sophisticated mobile trouble-ticket app that runs on MIDP 2.0. It is a little over 5KLOC, but it only took me 5-6 weeks of development. Most of that time was spent getting all of the logic correct and gaining the necessary domain knowledge about the existing desktop client. Santiago worked on the connector and I worked on the mobile client and we had the core SGMP synchronization of cases and sub-cases working with about a week of effort. It probably would have taken us less time, but we decided to make the serialized format of the business objects very flexible and supplement it with meta-data managed by JerseyMe. The use of meta-data in the client is one of its coolest features, so I'm going to devote an entire screencast to show you how it all works, but for now I'm going to simply walk you through the mobile app itself.

Watch the screencast! (5min SWF, 3.6MB)

p.s. - I had to rush through the dynamic report at the end to get under the 5min limit in Jing ;8-)

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