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OpenSSO Roadmap at a Glance

Posted by marinasum on March 6, 2009 at 10:52 AM PST

See a posting on The Aquarium by Sun principal engineer Pat Patterson on a new schedule of OpenSSO. An illustration spells out the upcoming releases all the way through March 2010 along with the capabilities planned, including federation with Google Apps, one-time passwords, entitlements, and many others. Fabulous!

To obtain support for your deployment, purchase a license for Sun OpenSSO Enterprise. Do check it out.

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Hi shadabalam! Take a look at this BigAdmin article - it covers AM/IdM integration - . There is also an Access Manager forum at where you can get more help.

Thanks for the kudos, shadabalam. I enjoy championing OpenSSO: It contains many excellent features--with more to come--that are built by capable, experienced folks. I'll pass along your question to the OpenSSO team and ask that a response be posted here. Stay tuned please.

It was nice to read your blog and it is very informative. Do you have any materials for how to configure SSO for Tomcat application using Sun Java Access Manager 7.1. I want to SSO Sun Identity Management application, hosted on Tomcat application server 5.5.