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Posted by sourathroy on March 8, 2009 at 5:08 AM PDT

After its success on mobile, Light Weight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) has a new destination - TV! LWUIT on TV is pretty similar to LWUIT on mobile, but it has to now work with bigger screen resolutions and different aspect ratios on TV.

LWUIT on TV runs on JavaME stack based on CDC 1.1/FP/PBP, unlike the CLDC/MIDP 2.0 stack on mobile phones. A thin porting layer makes it easy to move LWUIT from one JavaME stack to the other. The LWUIT for TV is an ongoing project - still new features are being added, performance enhancements are being made. But the edge that LWUIT provides to a TV application can be easily felt with its current form, check out the video at javatv-developers community website. This one is true HD quality content, so LWUIT works with 1920x1080 resolution, that's more than 2 million pixels!!

If you want to try out the LWUIT on CDC then javatv-developers community website is the right place for you. There is a CDC/FP/PBP+LWUIT SDK available for download on this website that plugs in to NetBeans (6.1 and above). An Emulator comes along with the same download. With the SDK, the Emulator and host of guideline documents available at this community website, creating LWUIT applications for TV is just a step away!

Watch me writing more on this topic or on JavaME on TV.

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