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Insight and Knowledge from Masood Mortazavi

Posted by hiheiss on March 13, 2009 at 8:10 PM PDT

Fans of Sun's Masood Mortazavi may be interested in Part Two of my interview with him where we explore some of his work as a project manager and developer. Masood's "On the Margins"( blog is one of the liveliest and most popular at Sun. Masood is currently charged with mandates that include management of MySQL developer tools (connectors, administrative GUI tools, the workbench and docs).

What's the biggest problem companies have in getting the most out of Java applications?

"I would point to problems related to a mishmash of technologies, the lack of ability to select properly, and a relative increase in nonstandard, de-facto, programming platforms. My advice is to keep to the standards, and to Sun-supported technologies in this area. They are excellent and have been tested by time and the marketplace."

When I asked about the distinctiveness of Java EE he said:

"Scalability. Java EE is an enterprise technology for scalability, separation of business logic and system concerns, portability, and long-term maintenance. In these areas, Java EE is truly unique."

And one message he offers about the virtues of Java:

"Using Java, you can better reason about your program's correctness. This has to do, not only with Java's strongly
typed system but also with the relative paucity of ambiguities in
Java when compared to various functional, scripting, or even typed

Masood is smart, wise, and sensible. Check it out.