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OpenDS News Tidbits

Posted by marinasum on March 24, 2009 at 11:46 AM PDT

OpenDS community manager Ludo Poitou spotlighted several illuminating news items in his recent posting on an OpenDS tab sweep. The top bullet reports Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz's observation that OpenDS is one of the Sun open-source projects that's "contributing to Sun's fastest growing business," which is software. Congratulations.

The other items are—

  • A guide on how to configure OpenDS as the OpenSSO user repository, written by OpenSSO QA manager Indira Thangasamy
  • An article by Masoud Kalali on his experience with replication and failover recovery by means of OpenDS
  • Two articles—in Japanese—by Y. Yamazaki: one on OpenDS 1.2 and its Control Panel, the other on an updated overview of OpenDS

Noteworthy highlights, Ludo. Thanks!

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