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Posted by editor on March 25, 2009 at 8:09 AM PDT

GlassFish makes a splash at EclipseCon

It's still a little weird seeing Sun as a top-tier EclipseCon sponsor, with the GlassFish community prominently present at the conference, considering the deep integration that's long been offered for GlassFish by the Sun-staffed affiliate community NetBeans, a competitor to the Eclipse IDE.

But maybe times have changed, and co-existence is more palatable to the community as a whole. For NetBeans to succeed, it is not necessary for Eclipse to fail, and vice versa. It's certainly nice to see that SWT-versus-Swing evangelism seems to have largely disappeared, as that was a tiresome and unhelpful schism in the desktop Java community, and perhaps a reason that no form of desktop Java ever achieved the kind of success a lot of us expected it to.

So GlassFish actually made a major announcement at EclipseCon yesterday: the project released the GlassFish Tools Bundle For Eclipse. This bundle includes Eclipse 3.4.1 Java EE IDE, GlassFish v2.1 and GlassFish v3 Prelude pre-configured, and optionally, a JDK 1.6. Arun Gupta has a preview of the bundle and startup tips in his blog, along with a number of helpful links. Arun is at the Sun booth at EclipseCon, and invites you to come by and try out the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse for yourself.

Regardless of a user's IDE preference, it makes sense to make GlassFish adoption easy for them, so this should help more would-be GF users take the plunge.

Also in Java Today,
Joe Darcy says that Project Coin's set of small language changes for Java 7 is shaping up. In Project Coin: For further consideration... , he writes, "while there is a bit less than a week left in the call for proposals period, there has been enough discussion on the list to winnow the slate of proposals sent in so far to those that merit further consideration for possible inclusion in the platform." The items likely to be sent forward for development in Java 7 are Strings in switch, Improved Exception Handling for Java, Automatic Resource Management, Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation, Elvis and Other Null-Safe Operators, and Simplified Varargs Method Invocation.

The SIP Communicator project has once again been accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code program as a part of its 2009 edition. If you're a student and you want to write open source this summer (and get paid to do so) pick up one of the SIP Communicator summer of code projects. Deadline for applications is April 3!

In today's Weblogs, Masoud Kalali provides techniques for
Monitoring GlassFish application server's HTTP Service using VisualVM. "If you are using GlassFish and you want to monitor your Server HTTP Service performance from your desktop computer then this entry is for you. The entry shows how one can use VisualVM utility of JDK to monitor HTTP Service of a GlassFish application server."

Marina Sum has posted a few OpenDS News Tidbits, "as shared by community manager Ludo Poitou."

Moving on, in Keep your FX Code Clean (My version), Richard Bair writes, "Exploding Pixels has an example of FX code and a suggestion for code formatting in FX. Throwin' my opinion out there too!"

In today's Forums, kleopatra discusses the logic of JTable decoration in
Re: JTable-Zebra with one line... "another problem is that Nimbus got the alternation different (wrong? don't have so many apps with striping - thunderbird and this forum overview): they color the first row with the alternate and leave the second to the normal background, that is they stripe the even rows. (hehe - the outcome of row % 2). SwingX stripes on odd rows. That combined with some opaqueness (?) weirdness on a checkbox lets a JXTable appear funny without highlighters and very dark if the default ui striping (as defined by HighlighterFactory.simpleStriping) is applied. For an example, see the RendererExperiments in my incubator."

Also in the Swing forums, jogiles is trying to intgrate
JXLoginPane and PasswordStore. "I'm using the JXLoginPane, and am trying to work out how to use the PasswordStore. I have successfully got the login pane working, and a user store is loading a list of users who have previously logged in. The problem I am having is that I don't understand how the 'remember password' option comes into play. I want it to be possible for a user to select from the drop down list their username, and if the password is stored, it should auto-fill the password. Despite implementing PasswordStore, I can never seem to get a call to the 'get' method. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not implemented in the current JXLoginPane?"

Finally, vikyjavadeveloper still wants to use USB from Java, as described in Re: Usb support (especially for windows). "I am a java developer but i don't communicate with USB API in java so please help me for read and write some date into usb device with the help of JUSB API."

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GlassFish makes a splash at EclipseCon