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Gaming made easy on Java for TV

Posted by sourathroy on May 29, 2009 at 4:04 AM PDT

Like other screens of life (desktop, mobile), gaming is fast growing area of interest on TV. People in various parts of the planet have shown keen interest on being able to play games on TV platforms, be it using their Set-top boxes or DVD players. Among developers, there is an interest to convert the wide range of available Java game applications on desktop and mobile platforms to suit TV platforms.

All of these lead us to conceive a Game Package that would address the need of developers to create compelling gaming applications for TV. A Java Game Package based on CDC/FP/PBP was felt as the way to go forward, as this stack is the common denominator for all Java TV platforms. The motivation was to create a Game Package that would include simple, yet powerful, APIs for game developers. Since a gaming experience would be incomplete without adequate sound support, adding sound support also became part of the mission.

Java TV SDK/emulator released earlier this year at javatv-developers community page, had the first version of the Java Game Package. The package included APIs to do sprites, transformations, animations and also included the sound support for gaming. This was an early access version and lot changed over time. Feedback from developers and engineers at Sun, made us feel the need for a bigger and better version of the Game Package. So a new version of the Game Package is being worked on - new APIs, enhancements to the existing ones, better performance, etc.

As the Game Package is designed for developers, it is ideal if we could incorporate features of their interest in the next version. So feedback from all of you, who are interested are welcome - they are precious.

The Javadocs for the first version of Gaming and Media packages are part of the SDK/Emulator from javatv-developers community page. You can review them and provide your feedback/suggestions at javatv-developers community page or as post your comment at my blog space.

During JavaOne this year, a solution overview of the Game Package would be presented (TS-4564: Gaming Package for Java&trade Technology on TV: Solving the Gaming Problem on June 5, 2009). This technical session would also present the newer features of the package, slated for the next version. If you are attending JavaOne this year and interested in the Game Package, then join in and share their views. This could be a good forum to provide feedback/suggestions.

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