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GlassFish and NetBeans at MySQL Users Conference 2009

Posted by arungupta on April 17, 2009 at 6:13 AM PDT

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What is open source, production-quality, supported by a large vibrant
community, and comes with full enterprise support ? - href="">GlassFish and href="">MySQL.

Did you know that GlassFish ...

  • is the only open-source Java EE 5 compliant Application
  • can be used to deploy Rails, Grails, and Django applications
  • has 13x better price/performance than Dell/HP, and
    therefore a much lower TCO
  • has an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based administration
  • has enterprise features like clustering/high availability,
    .NET-interoperable Web services, ...

Are you attending MySQL
Users Conference 2009
and interested to learn how GlassFish
and MySQL together provides an ideal deployment platform for all your
web applications ?

There are several other advantages which I'll be speaking on href="">Creating
Quick and Powerful Web Applications with MySQL, GlassFish, and NetBeans
and the coordinates are:

When: April
21, 2009 (Tuesday), 3:05 pm
Where: Ballroom A

You can also find us on the href="">Exhibitor

Technorati: conf

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dxxvi, The community version is Java EE 5 certified.But the product version does not seem to be. says "JBoss EAP supports a wide range of Java EE and Web Services standards." It does not talk about Java EE 5 compliance.

"is the only open-source Java EE 5 compliant Application Server": jboss 5.0 is not java ee 5 compliant, is it?

You are making me reveal details from my talk. Anyway, the published results are available at: :-) SecjAppServer2004 is a standard industry benchmark for comparing Java EE App Servers.

"13x better price/performance than Dell/HP" - um, Glassfish is cool and all, but how exactly do you compare a JavaEE application server with "Dell/HP"? ;-) I guess you mean some official benchmark comparing a Sun/Solaris/Glassfish/MySQL solution to a competing setup with HP/Dell hardware and other products, in this case, links to the SPEC results/disclosures would be welcome...