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Next events and conferences - and, hey, the Server Day is coming!

Posted by fabriziogiudici on April 22, 2009 at 9:42 AM PDT

It sounds as the two next months are packed with events:

  • May 8, Milan: I'll speak at All4Web about JavaFX, including a RIA vs RIA talk. Free event (in Italian language).
  • May 21, Genoa: I'll attend The Server Day, organized by JUG Genoa. Do you remember the IDE Shootout from JUG Cologne and JUG Genoa? Well, think of a similar event, but focused on Application Servers. And the argument is hot after the Oracle - Sun deal. Free event.
  • May 31, San Francisco: I'll be at the Hudson Unconference; a party at the Thirsty Bear will follow. It sounds as I'll be at last able to offer that beer to Kohsuke. Free event.
  • June 1, San Francisco: I'll speak at CommunityOne West about the NetBeans Platform on the server side; there will be possibly some OSGi divagation and I could *possibly* present a new Tidalwave product, if I manage in getting a demo ready (not sure at the moment). Free event. I don't know yet if I'll get a JavaOne pass, but in any case I'll be wandering a bit in the Pavillion until Thursday.
  • June 22, Zurich: I'll attend OSGi DevCon Europe. No budget and no time to attend Jazoon, unfortunately (the following days are the only slot I have for a planned tour through the Swiss, Italian and French Alps). If you have a chance for Zurich, consider Jazoon as it is an interesting conference.

It also sounds as I have to free several GBs in the disk to make room for the incoming photos... ;-)

I would like to draw your attention on the Server Day stuff, since it has been just announced. The capability of seeing a direct comparison among GlassFish, JBoss, Spring dm Server, GlassFish and Oracle WebLogic, described by people who develop them, in a single afternoon - and *free* event! - should not be missed.


Well, if one even plans one free day, my personal advice is *driving* from Italy. In June, the weather is likely to be good and the alpine passes open. Instead of driving through the tunnel of San Gottardo, one could drive up the San Gottardo pass, and then get to the Furka Pass and Grimsel Pass (peaking at 2400 meters). Along the way there is the Rhone Glacier, that one can even visit walking a few hundreds meters from the parking lot.

Hey, great idea, coming to Jazoon through Milan. It takes only 3 hours and 40 minutes, direct train...

Better than any of those, the ACCU conference is on *right now* outside of Oxford, UK. It used to be C++ dominated, but I've seen more Java so far. (My tip for Jazoon: Fly to Milan and take the train through the lakes and alps - gorgeous.)