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Oracle and Sun: Some good news, and "praising the ponytail"

Posted by opinali on April 24, 2009 at 8:23 AM PDT

First article: Oracle brass coax Sun troops with tough love. Some initial (although vague) commitments to the future of Sun technologies and products. Greatest news is that Java will remain an open platform. Bad news is that Sun's new cloud initiative may be uninteresting for Oracle. Best quote is about the hardware business: "We know a little bit more about hardware than people think because we have to port across all these product lines... it seems like we just build software and throw it over the wall, but it's not the way it works".

Second article: Sun: Let us now praise the ponytail. World+dog have been bashing the leadership from Jonathan Schwartz (and the company's entire strategy including massive adoption of open source) since Sun's stock tanked and never recovered, but this article (from an ex-Sun employee) provides a very good rebuttal. Best quote: "It's really the same challenge Sun posed to minicomputer makers in the 1980s with Unix. Most of those competitors were sold for scrap, not $7.4bn. The mighty SGI fetched just $25m recently". I must also agree with the conclusions. But I never worked for Sun and never hold any Sun stock (or any stock in fact), what do you think?

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