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Generating conference certificates with Marathi characters

Posted by felipegaucho on April 26, 2009 at 7:15 AM PDT

Few days ago Tushar Joshi asked me how to use the Footprint
to publish certificates with href="">Marathi
characters. This was a nice challenge since I had never realized Footprint
was released without support for href="">TrueType Fonts, but everything worked and now the library supports unicode characters.

The major change was in the config file, where a new element arose:

  <mapping pdfField="nome" fontFile="RVJanaMarathi.TTF" />

The contents of the fontFile is a path to a TTF file. I used a file I found here, and since I don't know Marathi I guess it is correct (otherwise please point me to a correct font file). I didn't have time to generate a new release, but I already
committed the code in the href="">subversion
trunk and I also saved a href="">demo
project here. Below you find an image with the first unicode certificate
ever published with the Footprint Project, and I hope you can adopt it
in your own language from now on.


Special note: after publishing this blog I realized that
mixed languages are not supported. So, if you run the sample code, you
will notice my own name is not printed in the certificate due to its
non-Marathi data in the database. I will re-think what is the best
strategy in this case: mixed languages - and I also need to think on
how common is that problem

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