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Too bad about IBM and Sun...

Posted by timboudreau on April 27, 2009 at 6:43 AM PDT

Now I won't get to surreptitiously replace the NetBeans splash screen with this...




@wayner42: Good lord, grow a sense of humor! It's a joke. What do you *really* think would have happened to NetBeans if IBM bought Sun, anyway?

IBM is just one of the companies that contributes to Eclipse projects. You really need to stop this Eclipse == IBM FUD, because it just isn't true. FWIW, Oracle provides the second largest number of committers to Ecilpse projects...

Actually, in this case, the "that other IDE" logo would have had to read "eclipseD !" :-)


in best case we will only have to adjust the colors to blood red to be oracle compatible :P

Wouldn't be as much fun :-) And, I conjecture, less likely to be necessary.

Now you get to make one with JDeveloper ;)