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Planning for JavaOne Community Activities Accelerates

Posted by editor on April 28, 2009 at 5:49 AM PDT

As the weeks remaining before JavaOne and the CommunityOne open developer conference dwindle, planning for community-related activities is accellerating. For example, the Mobile & Embedded Community just announced that they will be featuring a Lighting Talk BOF session. The session ID is BOF-6731, and the event will take place on Wednesday evening, June 3, from 6:45 to 7:35.

Lightning talks are typically popular events, because they're both educational and entertaining. Speakers have five minutes, in an open presentation format, to present something. It can be a brief talk about a project or product, a demonstration, a succession of slides, anything. But, it's supposed to last only five minutes. Going over the limit gives the moderator the opportunity to give the speaker the hook and drag them off the stage (sometimes to the comical delight of the audience).

Terrence Barr and Roger Brinkley, both from Sun Microsystems, will be the BOF-6731 moderators. Here's the session description from the JavaOne Content Catalog:

JavaOne conference attendees will be able to pitch their projects or ideas in 10 five-minute time slots to session attendees in this BOF. The 10 presentations are currently undetermined, but mobile attendees won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative BOF, complete with cowbells to alert any speakers who exceed their time allotment. Those wanting to speak should send their suggestions to for consideration. Terrence Barr, M&E community evangelist, and Roger Brinkley, M&E community leader, are picking the top 10 topics for this event.

CommunityOne podcasts

Meanwhile, the schedule for the CommunityOne open developer conference, which partially overlaps JavaOne (CommunityOne is June 1-3; JavaOne is June 2-5), is also being filled in. CommunityOne will include more than 60 sessions (the list is still growing).

In addition, the CommunityOne podcast schedule is filling up fast. There are still some slots available, if you'd like to make a podcast about your project or a relevant topic. See Sonya Barry's "Community Corner Podcasts at JavaOne" post and my related post for information about the podcasts. See the Community Corner 2009 wiki for complete details.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 77: Java and Symbian OS, in which Roy Ben Hayun talks about applying Java ME on the Symbian OS.

In Java Today, the Lighting Talk BOF signup for Mobility Track has been announced: "This year in BOF 6731 will feature the Mobile & Embedded Lightning Talks. Lightning Talks are 5 minute time slots where the presenters have the opportunity to pitch their project, product, or ideas to the rest of the session attendees. You won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative BOF complete with cowbells to annoy speakers who excite their time allotment. If you would like to present in this years Lightning Talk BOF reply to the Lighting Talk BOF signup for Mobility Talk thread..."

Craig Wickesser writes about the Gilead library, which enables Easy Persistent Entity Transfers: "Gilead is a library which enables the ability to, send persistent entities outside the JVM without pain. Gilead, which stands for Generic Light Entity Adapter, was previously named Hibernate4GWT. The name change came after the developers began supporting other frameworks..."

And James Sugrue provides his list of the Top 10 Java Twitterers: "Twitter has become a fantastic tool for me to keep up with what's going around in the Java and Eclipse communities. This is all down to following the right people. Here I'd like to share my list of the top 10 twitterers with you. 10) Martin Fowler @martinfowler, ..."

In today's Weblogs, Remi Forax writes that invokedynamic now lives in JDK7: "First patches from the Da Vinci Machine project hit the hotspot repository. invokedynamic (at least the main parts) now lives in JDK 7! You haven't perhaps notice it but John pushes the first patches from the Da Vinci Machine project to the hotspot workspace...."

Arun Gupta posted GlassFish asadmin CLI-driven Cluster Setup: "Here is simple script that: Installs GlassFish Creates a new domain using cluster profile Create 2 instances in the cluster Deploys a sample application to verify the cluster Deploys a sample application to verify the cluster setup Everything in just one simple script! This script can be used on a virtual (Virtual Box, EC2 instance, etc.) or a physical image of an Operating System..."

And Jean-Francois Arcand announces Atmosphere 0.1 GA available with Twitter, Flickr and Chat sample: "After couple of weeks collecting feedback from the newly created community(THANKS), Atmosphere 0.1 GA is now available with support for Glassfish 1/2/3, Weblogic 9.x and up, Tomcat 4/5/6, Jetty 4/5/6/7, Grizzly 1.9.x, Winstone...(too bad for Servlet 3.0 Async Proposal!), All of the above containers are supported out-of-the-box, e.g. you download our web.xml template, set your servlet-mapping, and you ready to write a portable Comet application..."

This week's Poll asks "Which aspect of Java technology is the primary focus your current work efforts?" Voting is open through Thursday, April 30.

This week's Spotlight is The Developer Insight Series, Part 2: Code Talk, in which Janice J. Heiss asks renowned developers about the keys to writing good code: "In Part Two, we hear code advice from five distinguished developers: Joshua Bloch and Masood Mortazavi echo Goetz's advice to keep code simple. Jaron Lanier and Victoria Livschitz want to radically change the way code is created. And renowned bug fixer Brian Harry provides tips on bug fixing while emphasizing what the process can teach us."

In the Forums, imadfaruqi is using SJAS and receiving an Internal Processing Error: "Hi Guys, I am using SJAS 7.0 for one of our applications . There is an "Internal Processing Error" in the dynamic content of the applications meaning i have to restart the application servers in order for the dynamic pages to load properly . I have been facing this issue for some time now. when i check the logs i see that "INFO ( 2656): JMS5025: JMS service shutting down." and " ( 2656): JMS5026: JMS service shutdown complete." messages as such. Could any Please help me as to why Iam facing an Internal Processing Error ?? also how do i prevent it to happen again ?? ..."

cvd is hoping someone can help with an AWT issue, Re: AWT Container only paints partially since JRE 1.6.0_12: "I was hoping for some response on this issue. My users keep asking me and I should be able to ask the JRE developers. Is there a better place for such questions? At least somebody could confirm the experience. Out of my users’ feedback I have a strong suspicion that on some systems even JRE 1.6.0_12 (and later) might work fine. Could it be related to the video drivers? Anyway, from my POV, that's a good candidate for a bug. While spending my time to put together the test case I hoped to be able to contribute to the community. Now, I realize that this issue might not be considered "too cool" (but is any bug ever?). Patiently waiting for any response..."

And alexbcu is thinking about Wonderland and Multi-Threading - Multiple Cores/Multiple Processors: "I was just wondering if Wonderland architecture took advantage of processors with multiple cores or servers that had multiple processors? Obviously they'll be some performance gains but I know that some software has been specifically approached to handle multiple threads and thus extra cores and processors really take advantage of this software architecture. I guess Project Darkstar may also be a strong possible candidate for this due to it's enterprise class server deployment. P.S. This is just to rationalise some possible server choices, and whether 4 processorts are better than 2 processors (with regards to noticable performance) and the same goes for cores, i.e. quad core vs dual (again with regards to noticable performance gains)."

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As the weeks remaining before JavaOne and the CommunityOne open developer conference dwindle, planning for community-related activities is accellerating...

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