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Anticipating JavaOne: "Noteworthy Bits and Pieces"

Posted by editor on May 12, 2009 at 5:52 AM PDT

There is a definite increase in the number of people expressing, as Terrence Barr has, that JavaOne 2009 is "approaching too fast." I'm certainly feeling that way, finding myself starting to look at BART information on getting from San Francisco International Airport to my hotel, studying the Community Corner schedule and researching the people who will be speaking or providing one-on-one interviews in our little semi-soundproof podcast room, studying the JavaOne site (on which I keep finding more interesting material)... and, last but not least, wondering how all the baby veggies we're putting into our gardens will fare while we're away for more than a full week (flying from Boston Friday afternoon, May 29, arriving back on Saturday, June 6).

Anyway, Terrence is among many who think the conference is approaching too fast, and in today's lead weblog he highlights some noteworthy bits and pieces intended to help the rest of us start our planning for the show.

Terrence starts out by noting that JavaOne itself isn't the only event happening that week at the Moscone Center: CommunityOne West happens on Monday through Wednesday (June 1-3):

CommunityOne is a free conference that focuses on open source innovation and collaboration. CommunityOne West runs for three days and starts Monday June 1st (the day before JavaOne). You can choose from over 70 sessions, lightning talks, hands-on labs, and a whole lot more. Signing up for CommunityOne West is FREE and includes access to the Pavilion as well as the JavaOne general sessions.

And he highlights Community Corner, where I'll be spending a lot of my time:

The Community Corner at CommunityOne West will be the gathering place for folks to to hear other talks, give a demo, participate in podcasts, meet community leaders and members of the Executive Board, or just relax and hang out for a bit. You can also volunteer to work in the Community Corner and receive a free shirt.

Terrence is a key member of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community, and he highlights the three different JavaOne content tracks that will feature these technologies:

He also points out that there is a JavaOne Twitter channel and a JavaOne Facebook page. I had missed these, due to excessive rapid navigation away from the JavaOne Conference home page using the side menu, but they're right there in the middle of the page. Also, near the bottom of the home page, you'll find a link to the Advance Conference Guide (PDF), a 135-page guide that includes details on all the topics and sessions, including the BOFs. I still need to study that in more detail to see which technical sessions I might want to attend, when I'm not chatting with a member of the community in the booth.

In the coming two weeks, I'll be posting more blogs of this type, highlighting what's ahead at JavaOne from various people's points of view; and I'll also be posting features about some of the speakers who will be visiting Community Corner. Note that there's still room to schedule a podcast about your project (though the schedule is more filled in each time I write that)...

In our Feature Article,


The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 78: JSR 290 XML User Interface Markup Language, in which JSR 290 developers Natalia Medvedenko and Petr Panteleyev talk about JSR 290 and the new power it will give Java ME developers.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


In Java Today, Kirill Grouchnikov announces Release candidate for Substance 5.2: "I am extremely pleased today to announce the availability of release candidate for version 5.2 of Substance look-and-feel (code-named Quebec). The release notes for version 5.2 contain the detailed information on the contents of this release which include the following: the new Dust skin...

The Mac Java Community informs Mac Java users that in a message to the java-dev mailing list, Apple's Matt Drance has announced Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4 Developer Preview 1. "A new developer preview of Java for Mac OS X Leopard is now available at Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4 updates Java SE 6, Java SE 5.0 and J2SE 1.4 and contains many bug fixes and improvements to the Java support on Mac OS X. This preview requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later. This build has received only limited testing and should not be installed on a system with critical data. For more details, please see the Release Notes."

And Peligri announces Groovy and GroovyBlogs - This week's Webinar: "This week's webinar will cover the architecture of GroovyBlogs, a blog aggregator site build by Glen Smith using Grails, GlassFish, OpenMQ and other technologies. Glen is also the author of Grails in Action. We are also trying to schedule a second speaker to provide a technical overview of Groovy. The presentation is on Thursday, May 14th, 12noon US Pacific...

In today's Weblogs, Terrence Barr looks forward to JavaOne 2009: Noteworthy bits and pieces: "As every year, JavaOne is approaching too fast ;-) Only three more weeks to go. I thought I'd collect some of the noteworthy bits and pieces to help you start your planning for the show. CommunityOne WestCommunityOne is a free conference that..."

Tim Boudreau announces a Sneak Preview: Java Card tools for NetBeans 6.7: "I've spent the last few months collaborating with the Java Card team to create Java Card plugins for NetBeans. It's not released yet, but here are some screen shots to whet your appetite..."

And Kohsuke Kawaguchi writes about Automatic Continuous Integration for Grails projects on Google Code: "Another cool stuff around Hudson, which automatically crawls Grails projects from Google Code and builds them on Hudson..."

This week's Poll asks: "How quickly will JavaFX be adopted as a rich client technology?" Voting is open through Thursday.

This week's Spotlight is Ed Ort's article JavaFX App-O-Rama: Applications From the Community: "Although the JavaFX platform is only a few months old -- its initial full release was in December 2009 -- people are already building some very interesting applications with it. This is a vibrant, creative, and extremely productive community..."

In the Forums, Shai Almog responds to a questioner Re: CalendarCellRenderer interface?: "Hi, calendar is under a major rewrite which we hope to complete for J1 (although this might be delayed). We will completely rearchitect the component but we probably won't have a renderer paradigm since the amount of data is fixed and the model is known in advanced. We will try to create a pragmatic way to customize the component though... "

nevermindrider asks about J2ME Insert images onto a svg background ?: "Hi! What I am trying to do is to load images (png) dynamically onto a screen that is build with SVG. I am using NetBeans VisualMidlet Designer. I have created an SVG file, and declared some text with the ID menuItem_X. Then I added an SVG-Menu and put my svg. File into it. The menu items show up and i can assign commands to them. so far so good. look here if u want to see a similiar menu screen: One menu item is e.g. Shop 1. Now when Shop 1 is opened a screen should show up with the same background... "

And alryndin is wondering How to set address for JAXRPCServlet to substitute REPLACE_WITH_ACTUL_URL: "Hi all, We have a problem. We use jax-rpc (unfortunately it is 1.03 and it is impossble to change it). Our service is running behind the load balancer and we use https. When jax-rpc forms address to change REPLACE_WITH_ACTUL_URL in WSDL it behaves in very strage way. It use external address pointed by user (let say, but it doesn't take into account that request was made by https and adds port nubmer service is running on computer. For example if service (servlet container) is running on 8000 port and user submit then result in WSDL..."

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There is a definite increase in the number of people expressing, as Terrence Barr has, that JavaOne 2009 is "approaching too fast"...

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