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Where To Now With Build Automation

Posted by johnsmart on May 15, 2009 at 12:56 PM PDT

Just posted a new article about Continuous Integration and Build Automation on InfoQ, that I wrote in collaboration with my mates at Atlassian:

An effective Continuous Integration environment can save your team time, money and even existential angst. It can enable bugs to be discovered earlier, their cause identified more easily, and ultimately get them resolved more efficiently. It can encourage better source code management practices, help you leverage automated analysis tools, encourage better testing, track your progress and remove bottlenecks from your developers lives. It can facilitate the deployment process, and make your releases go more smoothly and more reliably. Managers will have more charts than they know what to do with and developers will be happier. To put it another way, not using Continuous Integration is like developing software using Notepad, it's possible but it's horribly inefficient.

Check out the full article!

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