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Scientific Desktop Apps Turn to Java DB!

Posted by mortazavi on May 19, 2009 at 3:39 PM PDT

According to a ChemAxon's forum posting from earlier last year, ChemAxon's Instant JChem has already been using Java DB (Apache Derby) in favor of HSQL for some time now!

The authors who praise Derby also express a wish for in-memory storage, which is now part of Derby 10.5 and will soon appear in Java DB 10.5 for distribution with the JDK.

(Unfortunately, some of the other posts on the forum have some errors in them. I won't waste anytime here to try to address these errors as I'm sure the forum postings will eventually lead the reader in the right direction, in this particular case.)

So, for developers of these types of applications, the most important point of interest is the fact that Java DB 10.5 (based on Apache Derby 10.5) will now support in-memory storage. With Java DB 10.5, the Java DB distribution with the JDK will continue to be a boon for middle tier, desktop, rapid prototyping, sensing and testing applications in need of structured data--if not for a greater set of applications.


tompalmer -- I know there are many more scientific and sensing apps turning to Java DB ( Apache Derby) . I think this one is a nice sample ...

JavaDB is great. It is so good, that my latest application ( runs with it as it main database. And once coupled with the Java Persistence API, boy does it rock.

Did you mean "Scientific Desktop App Turns to Java DB"? Thanks for the link to the forum post. It's an interesting comparison. (Would like to see H2 compared, too, though.)