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Fabiane Nardon at Community Corner 2009

Posted by editor on May 20, 2009 at 6:36 AM PDT

Java Tools Community Leader Fabiane Bizinella Nardon will be presenting at least two mini-talks at's Community Corner 2009. The sessions and/or podcasts will take place at the booth in the JavaOne Pavilion.

On Tuesday, June 2, at 6:00 PM, Fabiane will participate in a roundtable discussion with fellow Brazilian Bruno Souza, founder of SouJava, one of the largest Java User Groups in the world. Then, on Wednesday, June 3, at 12:30 PM, Fabiane, Toni Epple, and Sven Reimers will be talking about the Java Tools Community, and specifically the SQE project (SQE = Software Quality Environment).


Fabiane Bizinella Nardon

Visit Fabiane's home page and her profile page to find the details of her quite accomplished career. To summarize, she's currently CTO at ZILICS, a Brazilian Healthcare Information Systems provider, where she is responsible for all technical aspects of large distributed projects deployed in Brazil, Angola, and other countries. She was the architect of the Sao Paulo City Health Care System. Before joining ZILICS, she was just as active, working for UNESCO on the National Healthcare Information System Project of the Brazilian Minstry of Health; and she chaired the Latin American Chapter of the OMG Healthcare Domain Task Force. As you can see from Fabiane's Curriculum Vitae, the core technology behind most of this work was (and is) JavaEE.

In addition, Fabiane is a Java Champion. Her education includes PhD coursework at the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo. Current research interests include:

  • Medical Informatics
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Semantic Web
  • Deductive Databases
  • Distributed Systems

Despite all of this, Fabiane somehow finds time to lead the Java Tools community. Java Tools is one of our more active communities, as is shown by the latest JavaTools Community Newsletter (today's lead Java Today news item). This issue (No. 196) starts with a mention of the " JavaOne 2009 Twitter network" that I'm organizing, where you will be able to follow a group of tweeters who will be at the conference. In addition, the newsletter includes:

  • congratulations to the ConfigureMe project, which has graduated from the incubator (by releasing Version 1.0);
  • a welcome to the brand new GravityIDE project;
  • a tooltip: "Testing your web application in multiple containers with little effort"; and
  • recent news from the development tools world on projects such as NetBeans, Jailer, and Secure FTB Bean.

I'm very much looking forward to Fabiane's visit to the booth and her Community Corner appearances. If you'll be at JavaOne, visit the Community Corner Podcast Schedule 2009 for any late changes or additions to the schedule. If you won't be at the conference, be aware that we'll be recording all the mini-talks, so they'll be available as videos or podcasts during or after the conference.

In Java Today, JavaTools Community Newsletter - Issue 196 has been published: "A new edition of the newsletter is available, with news, new projects and tips! If you want to receive the newsletter by email, please subscribe the announcements mailing list - or read the current issue here."

Robilad provides an update on OpenJDK BSD port progress : FreeBSD, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, NetBSD: "A little while ago, I pointed out that OpenJDK 6 has made it into the FreeBSD Ports collection. Grew Lewis and Kurt Miller have since worked with Brian Gardner to improve the port and the patchset, and have updated it to OpenJDK 6 build 16. Landon Fuller took the opportunity to take the FreeBSD changes and adapt them for Mac OS X 10.5..."

And JavaLobby's Nitin Bharti interviews Pete Muir on Seam 3, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE (JSR 299): "DZone recently caught up with Pete Muir to get an update on JSR 299, Seam 3 and the forthcoming JSF 2.0 specification. In this interview, Pete examines several implementations of JSR 299, recently renamed from WebBeans to Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE. He also provides a preview of some of the improvements we can expect to see in Seam 3.0 and JSF 2.0..."

In the Weblogs, Bruno Ghisi presents MessagePropertyGenerator: a java util class for translating message bundles: "Simple Java util class that helps message files translation using Google Translate API. If you want to translate your message files for a couple of different languages, but you do not have money, do not have time, do not have language specialists friends or do not have anything else to help you, we have a solution... actually we got a "use at your own risk" solution! Here are the steps... "

Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein notices that Sun's new App Store is JavaFX based: "Project Vector, to be unleashed at JavaOne 2009, may or may not be a killer app - but one thing is sure, it's probably big enough to mean that JavaFX will survive to the Oracle deal. Check it at Jonathan's Blog. Now, a unified app store for all Java devices, from feature phones up to desktops, if well executed is something with great potential..."

And Kohsuke Kawaguchi has released a Hudson EC2 plugin: "I released Hudson EC2 plugin, which enables you to use EC2 as Hudson slaves on-demand, without human intervention. Continuous Integration often requires a heterogeneous environments; for example, the GlassFish build requires Linux, Solaris, and Windows, and the JDK build requires something like 10 different environments, each carefully created so that we can test what we need to test. Unfortunately..."

In the Forums, rado_penev is in Need of invoker EnterpriseBean as parameter in RoleMapper impl class: "Hi all. I am working on an enterprise project with a fine-grained access control. Using default GlassFish's security implementation does not meet the requirements of the project. I made a custom JDBC authentication module. It is working with GlassFish v3, that's fine. But I also need a dynamic role-group mappings. This is already achieveable by providing a custom RoleMapper implementation using the SimplePolicyProvider, also known as the inmemory JACC provider. This is also working. But I need more flexibility..."

markshure asks about Sending an XML signature in a web service: "Hi, I'm trying to create a Metro web service that will accept data that has an XML signature. The XML signature is part of a parameter; it's *not* the WS-Sec signature. I can't find a way to do this because JAXB changes the XML signature (e.g. rename namespace prefixes, remove whitespace), which then invalidates the XML signature at the receiving end. How can I tell JAXB not to touch a certain piece of XML data? ..."

And bhayward is having a problem where a Web Service Client works as stand-alone Java Application/Fails in glassfish: "My Configuration: NetBeans 6.5.1; JDK 1.6.0_13; GlassFish 2.1 (The version shipped with NetBeans 6.5.1). I have a WSDL that has types in it's embedded schema and it imports an xsd for additional types. wsimport completes successfully. Of course, the wsdl and xsd's use different namespaces. There are types in the WSDL and XSD that have the same name and elements, so the @XmlType annotation ends up identical. When using this web service through a stand-alone java program, it works fine. When deploying it to GlassFish, it fails... "

This week's Spotlight is Kirill Grouchnikov's Interview with Laf-Widget Project's Michael Kneebone: 'Today I am thrilled to have Michael Kneebone as a guest spot blogger on "Pushing Pixels". Michael has extended the widgetising support in the Laf-Widget project and has graciously agreed to write about its usage and how it works on the inside...'

The new Poll asks: "How closely will you follow JavaOne 2009?" Voting is open through Thursday.

In our Feature Article,


The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 78: JSR 290 XML User Interface Markup Language, in which JSR 290 developers Natalia Medvedenko and Petr Panteleyev talk about JSR 290 and the new power it will give Java ME developers.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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Java Tools Community Leader Fabiane Bizinella Nardon will be presenting at least two mini-talks at's Community Corner 2009...