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JavaONE Warm Up - how to create Web-Services clients?

Posted by felipegaucho on May 25, 2009 at 7:33 AM PDT

Five days to the number one Java conference in the world,
including the Moscone effervescent Pavilion, smart people, marketing,
music, sandwiches, and a full week of opportunities to make business and
to have fun. As usual, I am going to San Francisco looking for the best
offerings of JavaONE regarding Java knowledge, and of
course I have my own pack of spices to expose over there. During the
last few days, an impressive number of e-mails had arrived in my mail
box about what we can see or try at JavaONE so it is time to start
living the Jay-One Atmosphere. I would like to start my JavaONE
2009 warm-up sharing with you a question about how to create web-service

How to Create fancy GUIs for RESTful web-services?

My latest experiments include an extension of the Footprint
Project to provide a RESTful service for the management of the
certificates and some features to manage conferences. Quite similar to href="">JUGEvents or Event Brite, but using
Glassfish technologies. During JavaONE I will be looking for a good
client technology to connect to the brand new href="">Footprint
Service. It is a fast and reliable href="">Jersey Web-Service running on
top of Glassfish
. The minimum set of features expected for its first release are:

So, if you are motivated about any Java front-end technologies
({JavaFX, {web : {JSF, GWT, Wicket, Rails-*, JRuby, Prism, Sinatra}, rcp-*, desktop, mobile}.), please come to me and let's
talk about a collaboration (if you also liked the project idea, of
course :). Specially if you like to do href="">mashups
and to connect them in to smart services, then I will pay you a beer or
two in San Francisco :)

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yes, please join the project as Observer and register yourself in our dev mailing list : I have this server online: it works (I use it every day), if you had problems it is probably firewall.. or other detail.....

I wasn't able to run the Maven build - I got "Failed to validate POM". We could attempt to track that down, but maybe it would be easiest for me to run against an existing server. Does Footprint have a discussion forum I could join, for further discussion?

Pivot is still an incubator project, but it is stable. We're actually gearing up for a 1.2 release soon - all of the demos and tutorials on the Wiki are based on version 1.2. I'll download Glassfish and get the Footprint source now.

hey, Pivot seems very nice.. What is its status ? How productive it is today ? And, yes, if you want to create a Pivot demo on top of my service, I offer support and even changes in the service side to better provide the demo data.. please checkout the code of footprint and do evaluate if we have a deal :) to checkout and run it out of the box: 1) checkout: 2) goto the footprint folder and run: mvn clean install 3) the deployable EAR is in the footprint-service-ear/target folder.. * it only works for Glassfish .. if you want to deploy in another server, we need to adapt the deployment and persistence descriptors.... and thanks for the tips.. I will check the pivot now........

I should also add that I might be interested in working on something like this with you (time permitting, of course). BTW, I tried to visit the Footprint service URL ( but it times out. -Greg

I won't be at JavaOne, but check out Pivot as a tool for building rich GUIs for RESTful apps. Pivot includes a library for interacting with REST services, which we refer to as "web queries". The Pivot tutorial includes an example of a basic REST client that talks to a Yahoo! Finance web service. It is described here: Web query Javadoc: For more information, see the Pivot home page: