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Blogging for you during the JavaONE 2009

Posted by felipegaucho on May 27, 2009 at 4:09 AM PDT

One of the most impressive parts of JavaONE is its giant Pavilion, a fair of novelties that mixes commercial players of all sort - a real Java joy. From my last JavaONE I remember several interesting talks while walking by the booths, but many details were not properly registered and kind of forgotten with time. During JavaONE 2009 I plan to improve my journalism activities, scheduling formal conversations with people willing to promote their ideas in my blog.

A more serious journalism this year

That's the deal, you call me and I will try my best to offer you a nice coverage of your participation in JavaONE 2009. I will be posting small notes in this blog and last minute updates in this twitter account.

Important: I won't have time to attend the hundreds of companies over there, so the number of journalism slots are limited - first come first served. Another important criteria to select the blog contents is the smartness of your speech. My focus is to keep the community informed (specially myself I confess) so please understand I won't publish advertisement about commercial products, prices or another-boring-salesman-speech. Instead, if you can impress a geek like me, chances are the Java community pay atttention to your business.

* Other (related) topic: I live and work in Switzerland and I have a close relationship with the Jazoon organizers, so it can be a good moment to also talk about the opportunities to your business in the Europeean conference at June in Z

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