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Submitted a candidate to the JavaFX Coding Contest...

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 29, 2009 at 10:32 PM PDT

... as usual, I got to the very last minute. Too bad. The idea of the thing dates several months back (but it wasn't to be made in JavaFX until the contest has been revealed). It's a mobile application - which made me ever scream more and more because of the additional bugs in the JavaFX Mobile Emulator (not to say I had to use Windows for it... indeed the thing has been developed with Mac OS X as an applet, and only today moved to a Windows machine, where I fixed the parts not compatible with MIDP).

Too sleepy now. Next post will be a more detailed impression about this job, now that for the first time I've moved to a real JavaFX application (previously I only prepared a few demos). As soon as I verify it doesn't hurt the contest rules, I'll also blog about the code. Also because there are a few reusable parts inside (such as a reasonably flexible map viewer implementation - compatible with OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Visual Earth and possibly others), of course entirely developed on the "mobile" profile (unlike Joshua's demo which is a wrapper upon SwingX JXMapViewer).


BTW I really hope that, among other lots of news, I'll see in the next days a new version of JavaFX support for NetBeans that allows to split a project into subprojects, so I can spin it off. For the record, the thing works with some workaround on Mac OS X (you only need to declare a "dummy" main class for each project), and in fact I developed my application in this way. But when I moved to Windows to run the stuff in the Mobile Emulator I saw that a project couldn't see the attributes in classes defined in another project (the autocompletion hinted about writing the attribute name with a leading $, but of course the thing just doesn't work). It took a bit to realize where the problem was and then I merged all the things into a single project.

That's great. I had always wanted to create a proper JavaFX mapviewer (without the Swing hooks) but I never had the time. I can't wait to see it.