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High Five from JavaOne

Posted by jfarcand on May 30, 2009 at 7:43 PM PDT

High Five from JavaOne, or 5 chances to listen to an ugly Quebecois accent.


This year I'm invading JavaOne again, and 5 times...4 times on Tuesday (nice scheduling tool...NOTD!). Which one I would pick? Well the new Atmosphere baby is certainly the one I like the most! This is the last JavaOne as we know it, so don't miss any party :-) See you there :-)

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@m2b I'm free all Wednesday morning/afternoon. Ping me privately to find a place to dicuss

Have fun. Where can I reach one of you to get answers to a simple question about your Standalone HTTP server/servlet container.

There will always be some Java conference some place. I wouldn't worry about it .. :-)