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JavaOne: And so it begins

Posted by joshy on May 31, 2009 at 12:55 AM PDT

I've just arrived in SF for my fourth JavaOne conference. Despite the usual chaos this year's prep has gone very well. We have a ton of new things to show you. Most importantly we have the new release of JavaFX. As previously noted it has REDACTED, and REDACTED as well as greater REDACTED to make your apps run. Which, as you can imagine, is totally awesome. And of course the big news is support for REDACTED and REDACTED, as you can see in the screen shot below:


Next up is the project I've been working on for many moons: the Vector project, most likely to be renamed the Java Store, as covered by our CEO. I can't wait for you to see it. As an app developer I'm excited by the possibilities of a good REDACTED. Here's a screenshot:


And of course we got more apps to show you interesting techniques in JavaFX, as well as JavaFX running on REDACTED and even a REDACTED. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those. And we just might have another surprise in store for you. But, unlike everything else I've mentioned, that's not something I can talk about yet.

I'll also be co-presenting the session: Getting Started with WidgetFX: Open-Source Widget Desktop Platform with JavaFX


I want a real JavaFX handset to play with. Update us where to order one if not attending the JavaOne 2009.

And I heard we'll be able to use the JavaFX Components not only in JavaFX Script, but also in REDACTED. Olivier Allouch

Good one, Josh! Made my day ;-)
-- Terrence

This kind of thing is just unneccecarily cruel. Think of the Children! Still it is only next week now. I suppose I can wait.

It's just a teaser for J1 ;-) Josh is announcing big surprises, but won't disclose anything before the J1 keynotes and presentations. In any case, this sentence "as well as JavaFX running on REDACTED and even a REDACTED" sounds quite clear :-) (at least for the former REDACTED).

Let me check... No, we are not April 1st. Either the software you used went wrong and didn't replaced the REDACTED placeholders with real content (same for all back screenshots...), or the article is itself a placeholder needing some edit...

thats obviously REDACTED