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First webcast of blueBill-Mobile (JavaFX)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 3, 2009 at 4:01 PM PDT

I've almost finished the port of blueBill-Mobile to JavaFX 1.2. Basically the only issues still open are related to layout, as there are a few things that have changed and I have to understand better. In particular, one of the broken things is the navigation facility that has been designed with "sliding" screens,


Since I see that somebody has asked the observer role on the project on, I have to say that bluebIll Mobile has been moved to Kenai. Of course, if you search you can already check out sources. But I'm not going to talk more about the sources until I fix that damn'd remaining bug.

Good work Fabrizio you have a great eye :-)

The upside-down button is an experiment... It got "naturally" out of the implementation that uses a rotation and in a first time I thought about fixing it. But I like it, and I've just to check whether it works when it gets populated with new labels. In the end, maybe it's too freaky ;-) for a normal user.

Very nice. Nice transitions nice option tabs (I especially liked the upsidedown 'locate' one) nice color pallet nice integration with back-end I only wish I enjoyed bird watching so I could use it!!