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NetBeans 6.7 RC1 - and JIRA support (beta)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 1, 2009 at 9:05 AM PDT

NetBeans 6.7 RC1 has been announced just a few hours ago. I've just downloaded and installed, and the first thing I searched for is the integration with JIRA.

In fact, NetBeans 6.7 comes with Kenai integration, which - among other things - mean also the capability of interacting with an issue tracker from inside the IDE. This is not only to avoid opening Firefox - for instance, when you perform a commit to Subversion, you have the chance of contextually changing the status of an issue.

Integration with Bugzilla was already present in 6.7 beta, and JIRA support promised for the "future". So, I immediately went to the "Service" tab and opened the dialog to create an issue tracker... but there's only the option for Bugzilla.

But don't dispair. Go to the "Tools / Plugins" pane and, voilà, there is a pair of plugins for adding JIRA support. Clearly, since the guys didn't directly bundle JIRA support into the IDE, this means that the quality is not production yet... but it's worth a try.

After a few minutes, I was able to configure and install my own JIRA instance (Tidalwave JIRA). Querying for issues seems to work, and the commit box has got the option to update the issue tracker. I haven't done any serious testing, but things sounds promising...


The configuration dialog for adding a JIRA issue tracker.


Querying the issue tracker.


Changing an issue while committing changes.