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Opportunities to chat JCP at JavaOne

Posted by sean_sheedy on June 1, 2009 at 4:16 PM PDT

1) This document from the JCP lists all the different JCP-related events at JavaOne. This is the best place to start to find something particular to your interest in the JCP.

2) Tuesday at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM is the Community Party at the Intercontinental Hotel. I will be there with others and the discussions are certainly going to be lively. Afterward it is fairly likely we'll continue to somewhere else to hold court.

3) On Thursday at 4:10 PM, session PAN-5336 “MSA 2: How Do We Work Toward a Consistent Java Platform?” should be a lively discussion, certainly with challenging questions from the audience if past panels are any indicator.

4) On Thursday at 7:30 PM, tear yourself away from the AfterDark event for Birds of a Feather session BOF-1241, "What's up with Java ME, A Discussion with ME EC Members". This BOF features representatives from the ME EC, PMO, and community, for an open discussion among themselves and with audience members about recent activity in the Java ME EC. I have been working with the JavaOne organizers to get this slot expressly for community members to be able to talk frankly about what's on your mind with others on the EC, and I really hope to meet those who have been vocal about the JCP and the EC throughout the year. Undoubtedly a number of us will keep this discussion going well after the BOF ends.

5) If you want to talk about the ME or SE/EE EC from an individual member's perspective (this is quite a unique perspective) and can't meet me at any of these events, please call me at +!-703-898-0201, as I'd like to meet with people to get their feedback and establish connections that can be used when different topics arise throughout the year.

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