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SailFin CAFE : Converged Application Framework

Posted by binod on June 3, 2009 at 11:23 AM PDT

Project SailFin CAFE ( is available now. It is a sub project of Project SailFin and aims to simplify the development of converged SIP/JavaEE applications. While SIP servlets provide a server side Java abstraction for SIP signaling, SailFin CAFE and the API it exposes, provides a higher level abstraction for development. Essentially SailFin CAFE aims to provide a server side abstraction for communication services like Call, Conference, IM, Presence etc.

The first build of the project is available now. At present CAFE work on top of SailFin V2. When SailFin V3 builds become available (hopefully in next month or so), CAFE will also move to SailFin V3 and will also be available integrated with SailFin v3. For more information on the project, please visit the website, take a look at the FAQ, javadoc or at the examples in the wiki.

We are planning to build the API in the open source and would like to hear feedback from anyone interested. Please become part of the community and provide us the feedback.

You can also attend the J1 session, TS 4929, to know more details about the project.

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Hi Max, Just like Project SailFin, this is a collaboration between Sun and Ericsson. There are a number of people from both Ericsson and Sun have collaborated on the project.

Binod -- Thanks for sharing the news ... It is great see something like SailFin CAFE out. It will greatly enhance the ease of using SailFin ... Who else has collaborated on SailFin CAFE?