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Photos from JavaOne

Posted by timboudreau on June 3, 2009 at 2:53 PM PDT

A few photos from around JavaOne, taken with the world's weirdest lens - a Lensbaby Control Freak - this is a lens that you can twist and turn like a flexible tube.

It lets you do some things that were possible on old-fashioned bellows cameras, but are normally impossible with an SLR camera, where you can't change the relative angle of the lens to the film/sensor. For example, the "Java = Opportunity" photo below is taken at an extreme angle - yet all of the phrase is in focus. It's also great for putting the "sweet spot" in the focus in weird places.









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Nice photos!

No idea, but I got mine on EBay for about $175. It's a hard thing to get used to using (not to mention that you change the aparture by pulling a little round disc out of the front of the lens with your fingernail, and replace it with a disk with a different sized hole). I actually got a Canon tilt-shift lens a couple of years ago (not a $2000 one, tho); it's certainly easier to get *repeatable* results with, but the lensbaby is more flexible and can do more extreme things, and is faster to adjust (you basically just twist it around with your hand until you see what you want and press a button to lock it in place, fine tune the focus, make sure your shutter speed is likely to be okay and shoot). I'd say I'm still in the "happy accident" phase with the lensbaby - I can get interesting things out of it, but I can't always imagine to myself "Okay, this is the picture I want" and then actually get it.

Pretty cool stuff. "but are normally impossible with an SLR camera" ... unless you pay about $2,000 for a tilt&shift lens ( Spending 10 times less sounds definitely better :-) Will there be an european dealer?