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Cejug-Classifieds got a 2nd place at InfoBrasil Conference

Posted by felipegaucho on June 3, 2009 at 11:25 PM PDT

InfoBrasil - TI &

InfoBrasil is the
second biggest Information Technology fair in Brazil, with main focus on
business opportunities and industry networking. In 2009 the event is
celebrating its 15th edition with a special program and the
participation of entrepreneurs, academic researchers and students.
InfoBrasil also includes a technology congress with prizes to the best
papers. Cejug-Classifieds got the second place on this competition.

Cejug-Classifieds - the second place of InfoBrasil 2009

is a project to develop an open source classifieds system based
on SOAP web-services. The winner paper during InfoBrasil described the
business model and the technical details of the project. Since I am in
California, the paper was presented by href="">

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