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SwingX 1.0 released

Posted by rah003 on June 4, 2009 at 6:34 AM PDT

For all of you who could not come to the SwingLabs session at JavaOne yesterday, here comes the announcement again:

After many broken promises and many delayes ... The SwingX 1.0 is released and available for download at SwingLabs download page.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to everybody who contributed to the release and for all the patches we have received. Namely: Jeanette, Luan, Jonathan ... thanks a lot. Specially I'd like to thank to Karl who took over lots of issues lately and worked really hard to make sure everything was ready for JavaOne. It was really nice feeling to be able to finally announce the release.

The usual technical stuff: You can read the release notes Release Notes before downloading if you wish so, and for those of you using maven this release should be in central maven repo in couple of days.

Maybe few more comments on this release and on what is likely to happen now (still open to discussion in the forum):

  • From now on, the Java 5 compatibility will no longer be maintained.
  • Actually even more strongly, all the compromises in the code and all the dependencies necessary because of Java 5 will be actively removed so that we can move forward with the code development.
  • That of course doesn't mean that you have to move to Java 6. If for any reason you are stuck with Java 5, you can use the 1.0 release and if you are willing to step up to the chalenge and maintain Java 5 compatible branch of SwingX and backport bug fixes to it, just let me or Alex know and we will make such a branch available for you and ensure it is built and deployed by hudson
  • If there are things that are currently in the incubator that you would like to see in the SwingX itself, let us know on SwingLabs forum.
  • Same way, if you have a code or component you would like to contribute to the project, submit a patch to the issue or put the component in the incubator and let us know in SwingLabs forum so it can be discussed and agreed upon.


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