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The Agile2009 Tools Roundup

Posted by johnsmart on June 16, 2009 at 4:10 PM PDT

The Agile2009 conference in Chicago, coming up in August, is shaping up to be one of the most compelling conferences of the year. I have been helping out organizing the Tools for Agility stage, and there really are some great talks on the geekier side of Agile. In this entry, I want to mention a few gems.

Alistair Cockburn himself will be presenting a not-to-be-missed session on Blitz Planning: "This is the shortest, fastest, easiest way I know to create a project plan...Thanks to Jens Coldewey for first showing this to me in 1998 - it instantly improved the way our teams developed project plans."

Ben Rady and Rod Coffin will be giving a demo on Continuous Testing Evolved: "Continuous Testing (CT) is a developer practice that shortens the feedback loop established by Test Driven Development. It gives you near instant feedback about the correctness of your code, and helps you find bugs as quickly as syntax errors." This idea of Continous Testing is one of the more interesting evolutions in recent development practices, allowing you to conceptually treating unit test failures in the same way as syntax errors in your IDE. Very habit-forming! Rod is

Paul King and Craig Smith will be showing How to make your testing more Groovy:" a swathe of great tools, all centered around how Groovy makes testing so much cooler.

And of course there is the CI
vendor cage fight
: "In this session, we invite CI tool vendors to give a short demonstration of the best features of their tool. Each vendor will be given 10min to show off the best features of their software, with a further 5min of questions."

There are also lots of talks on Continuous Integration: CITCON dude Eric Lefevre has also done a nice round up of all the Hudson-related presentations, as well as the presentations that discuss other CI tools.

There are heaps of other cool talks, but I don't have room to mention them all: check out the program! I will also be giving a few talks myself:

So, if you can make it to Chicago in August, don't miss the Agile2009 Conference -see you there!

Java Power Tools Bootcamps in London, Auckland and Wellington

If anyone wants to catch me in London, I will be over that way between the 6th and 10th of July for the first London session of the Java Power Tools Bootcamp, that I am running with the folks from Skills Matter. There are still a few places left for this session, so if you want to come up to speed with the latest all-round development lifecycle tools and techniques, and learn how to set up a development infrastructure and build environment that kicks butt, come along!.

And for those in New Zealand, don't miss out on the sessions in Wellington and Auckland!

"Probably the best training course I've been on."..."Not just how to write Java code but the 'business end' - how to build, test, deploy, manage and monitor"..."One of the best and most useful courses I have attended. And they didn't even try to sell me anything!" - Coming soon to London, Wellington, Auckland, Canberra and Sydney - Get up to speed with the latest and coolest in Java tools and best practices! Sign up on the 2009 season of the Java Power Tools Bootcamps.