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2009 JCP Program Awards and Videos

Posted by editor on June 23, 2009 at 5:48 AM PDT

Felipe Gaucho attended the 2009 JCP Program Awards ceremony, and provides some videos of the event in his recent blog post. The awards ceremony took place during JavaOne.

I wasn't able to attend this event, so I did some reasearch on the award categories and winners. Here they are, with some links to help you get to know a bit more about the people and JSRs that won the awards in each category:

At JavaOne, I had the good fortune to record a podcast of the JCP roundtable that took place in the booth as part of Community Corner 2009. It was a very interesting conversation (I expect that the podcast will be available soon) that included Patrick Curran, Ed Burns, and others.

The Java Community Process has come under a lot of fire. However, my experience is that open standards are critical for the long-term success of technologies and technology platforms. A standards body by necessity moves at a somewhat deliberate pace. During the roundtable at JavaOne, this was discussed at length, along with the reasons behind it, and the delicate balance between tracking new innovation, embodying it in standards (to better enable its application by a broader spectrum of developers), and getting too far ahead of what's new in a particular technology space. You don't want to stifle innovation by coming in too soon and defining standards before emerging technologies have sufficiently coalesced around a more or less clear mode of implementation and direction. Rather, there is a "sweet spot" (my term) where establishment of a standard is both timely and beneficial for the long-term advancement of the technology. Based on observing the roundtable at our Community Corner, it's clear to me that the JCP is very much aware of these issues, and takes their role in the long-term advancement of Java technologies very seriously.

I wish I had been able to attend this year's JCP Program Awards. I'm sure it must have been an interesting event. Thanks again to Felipe for attending and providing videos that capture some of the winning moments.

In Java Today, Felipe Gaucho shows us the JCP 2009 Annual Awards Winners (with videos): "Several pictures and short movies are here in the JavaOne folder, including the announcement of some of the winners of the 2009 JCP Program Awards 2009... Congratulations for all winners, and thanks SUN for the very nice party."

Eamonn McManus reports that JSR 255 (JMX API 2.0) is postponed: "Here is the text of the message I recently sent to the JSR 255 Expert Group, in my capacity as Specification Lead. 'Dear experts, I'm sure that you saw some months ago that our work on JSR 255 will not be part of the JDK 7 release ( This decision was made here at Sun in order that some of the higher priority features could be properly resourced, in particular for the TCK work. So, we need to retarget our work for JDK 8...'"

Arun Gupta reports University of Utah - Ported 60 applications from Weblogic to GlassFish: "The University of Utah ported 60 applications from Weblogic to GlassFish and very happy with it. They like the clustering and failover capability, integrated NetBeans development environment, and are using EJBs, Java Server Faces and a slew of other technologies..."

In today's Weblogs, Cay Horstmann announces JSF 2.0 Refcard available: "DZone just published the JSF 2.0 version of my JSF refcard. It provides updated summaries of the tags and attributes needed for JSF programming, along with a summary of the JSF expression language and a list of code snippets for common operations."

Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein provides a JavaFX Script tip: The Single Assignment per Method rule (and more): "

In this blog I discuss binding in depth and propose a best-practice & performance rule for JavaFX Script programming (and even for Java, as a bonus).


And  Sahoo documents Our second hybrid application - EJB as OSGi Service: "This example shows how one can register an Enterprise Java Bean in OSGi service for it to be accessed from non-Java EE application. It also demonstrates how you can access "local" EJBs from other applications breaking the artificial limit imposed on them earlier."

In the Forums, sanaulhaq says Help required: "Hay!!! I am Sana ul Haq from Pakistan, a student of MS leading to PhD at NUST Pakistan.Now I am in the phase of research work of my MS degree and I am doing my research on security of biosensors implanted/attached to the human body. I have proposed an algorithm that demonstares key distribution in the way that ensures confidentiality, athenticity and integrity of the physiological data of the patient. Now possibly as you have the information the biosensors have resource constraints in the form of energy, memory and processing. Recently (Apr 2007) the Sun Microsystem has developed sensors by the name "Sun SPOT" which use Java language and run on platform of "Squawk J2ME Virtual Machine"..."

Clive Brettingh responds Re: getting at the SOAPHeader directly from inside @WebMethod: "Well, I don't like to say never, but in several readings of the standard I have not noticed any specified way to access headers in the endpoint code (unless is a message mode Provider).I got the impression that headers are considered metadata that should be processed by handlers (unless header part); the handlers however, may pass the results of this processing to the endpoint via the message context (or other mechanisms like container authentication). Architecturally it makes sense, though I'll admit it can be a little inconvenient sometimes, eg to have to write a handler when you only want to extract a single string valued header..."

And anson ho asks how to control the square size of a checkbox?: "I got a BIG bitmap font a the west of a borderLayout, a medium size system font label in the center. and a small size system font checkbox in east. The square of the checkbox becomes big and looks weird. Then, I found that the square size of a checkbox is determined by the layout height. But I want to control it so that the size will be according to the checkbox's font height. I have tried to override the calcPreferredSize() of the checkbox but it turns out that the size is determined by the height of the checkbox's layout manager. So, what should I do?..."

The current Spotlight is the final installment of Janice J. Heiss's "Developer Insight Series" Part 4: Favorite and Funny Code: "Over the years I've heard noted developers talk about their favorite code, funniest code, most beautiful code, how to write code, how not to write code, the obstacles to writing good code, what they love and hate about writing code, and so on. In the process, I've encountered a lot of insight that is worth preserving--and heard some funny stories... In the fourth and final part of the series, three developers share their funniest and most favorite code, and tell funny stories..."

This week's Poll asks Which project and community (P/C) content would you like to see more of on The last full day for the poll is tomorrow (Thursday).

Our Feature Articles include Felipe Gaucho's new article, Exposing Domain Models through the RESTful Service Interface, Part 1, which describes domain models and demonstrates how to create a generic CRUD application. Also, Thomas Kuenneth recently published Hacking JavaFX Binding, which describes how to apply binding within JavaFX in a manner similar to what can be accomplished using Beans Binding (JSR-295).

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 81: JTDF, in which Eric Areseneau talks about Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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Felipe Gaucho attended the 2009 JCP Program Awards ceremony, and provides some videos of the event...