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Posted by editor on June 24, 2009 at 6:44 AM PDT

Jazoon09, the international conference on Java technology, is completing its second full day of sessions. Monday was community day, with two all-day events: GlassFish Community Day and OSGi DevCon Europe Community Day. Tuesday featured the formal opening session, with keynotes by Christian Frei and James Gosling.

As of right now (Wednesday morning, Eastern U.S. time), the conference front page features an article describing James's keynote:

Jazoon kicked off with a spirited re-mix of a pre-recorded Gosling interview on the early history of Java. Surprised by this introduction by his alter-ego, Gosling rolled with it, "I didn't know that was coming - kinda goofy, but fun".

Felipe Gaucho, who recently posted the Pocket guide to Jazoon 2009, was in attendance, and documented the highlights of James's talk, which included:

  • statistics (15 Million downloads per week)
  • the range of Java application (from tiny devices to highly scaled enterprise data centers like eBay and the Brazilian healthcare system)
  • JVM as the integration hub
  • GlassFish V3, NetBeans 6.7 and its integration with Kenai

and quite a bit more. See Felipe's post for the complete list and more detailed descriptions.

As you can see in today's highlighted blogs, Harold Carr was scheduled to speak at 1:30 Zurich time (with co-speaker Jiandong Guo) about Metro Web Services Security Usage Scenarios.

Today's keynote was given by Sun's Danny Coward, whose commentary (from The Planetarium) is often featured in our Java Today section. Thursday's morning keynote address will be given by Adrian Colyer of SpringSource. Then, in the afternoon, NASA's Linda Cureton will give the final conference keynote, followed by Christian Frei's formal conference wrap-up.

In Java Today, Harold Carr will be Speaking on Metro Security at Jazoon: "I will be speaking on Metro Security at Jazoon in Zurich on Wednesday June 24 at 1:30pm. "

Felipe Gaucho presents the Pocket guide to Jazoon 2009: "Java conferences are always a joy of technology and networking but sometimes we just miss its surroundings because it is quite difficult to concentrate in our lives while we are exposed to a large amount of cool information. Good meals, city attractions and a lot of interesting moments are just skipped in favor of the Java novelties on the stage. The more you participate of such events, the more you learn to offer your geek mood a chance to check different cultures and to learn different things. During the recent JavaOne I did not attended much extra-conference events..."

And the Mobile and Embedded Community announces Roger speaking at Javali, Roger is speaking at Javali about the Mobile & Embedded Community. View the talk live here.

In today's Weblogs, Sergey Malenkov writes about FX Mobilization: "My colleague has just returned from JavaOne and brought an HTC Diamond cell phone that supports JavaFX. Of course I couldn't stop but running my demos on it."

Jim Driscoll provides instruction on Learning JSF 2: "It's come up a few times recently, so I thought I'd go over how to learn JSF 2 before the books come out, and before the new tutorial is released. Not too long ago, I heard someone complain that the JSF tutorial wasn't ready yet. Now, that's not surprising - the tutorial writing process (for that matter, the book writing process) doesn't actually start until the spec is more or less final, and the implementation is at least Beta (meaning feature complete)..."

And Ed Burns writes New debuts, JSF2 DataSheet Published, Try the JavaEE 6 SDK: "New debuts, JSF2 DataSheet Published, Try the JavaEE 6 SDK. When I was updating our Getting Started with JSF page, I had cause to visit, and found that the long awaited new site is available. Please check it out at Congratulations to the JCP team for pushing through and getting it done!"

In the Forums, santosavio is working on Calling C# dll via VC++ from Java: "Hai I've been under a great prob.. since 2 days... Issue is : I've built a VC#dll which is accessed from VC++(win32 console dll app).. I've created a Java program to access the dll of the said C++ program... I was successful in getting it worked ... Problem comes when I run the same application in a different system where all the needed visual studio files are installed... From java i can access the C++ dll but the error comes in accessing C# dll(through the C++ program)... NB: error accurs only when it is run on a different machine... Error is: # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine... "

michaelmaguire has an issue with Overlarge synchronized blocks in Display causing deadlocks?: "We are in the process of converting our app over to using LWUIT. Recently I converted our app's internal LOG class over to using LWUIT, which means that throughout our code, we make calls which must update the LWUIT version of our LogViewerForm (when it's opened). Because some of these calls are from different threads, we used Display.callSerially() to ensure UI updates to our LogViewerForm occur on the EDT. This change turned out to be an instant deadlock stress tester... "

And ashishr would like to Get individual monitoring value: "Hi, I want to get individual monitoring value like maximum heap size instead of all detail what we get by using command "asadmin monitor --type jvm --filename c:\xyz.log --user admin server" also i want to save this information in log file in format: Heap Size:Maximum heap size=30. How to achieve this,Kindly help me out..."

The current Spotlight is the final installment of Janice J. Heiss's "Developer Insight Series" Part 4: Favorite and Funny Code: "Over the years I've heard noted developers talk about their favorite code, funniest code, most beautiful code, how to write code, how not to write code, the obstacles to writing good code, what they love and hate about writing code, and so on. In the process, I've encountered a lot of insight that is worth preserving--and heard some funny stories... In the fourth and final part of the series, three developers share their funniest and most favorite code, and tell funny stories..."

This week's Poll asks Which project and community (P/C) content would you like to see more of on Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last full day of voting.

Our Feature Articles include Felipe Gaucho's new article, Exposing Domain Models through the RESTful Service Interface, Part 1, which describes domain models and demonstrates how to create a generic CRUD application. Also, Thomas Kuenneth recently published Hacking JavaFX Binding, which describes how to apply binding within JavaFX in a manner similar to what can be accomplished using Beans Binding (JSR-295).

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 81: JTDF, in which Eric Areseneau talks about Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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Jazoon09, the international conference on Java technology, is completing its second full day of sessions...