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Poll Result: More Project and Community Focus Desired

Posted by editor on June 26, 2009 at 8:22 AM PDT

A significant majority of participants in the latest poll would like to see increased project and community content on In particular, the poll participants would like to see more project demos and tutorials.

A total of 188 votes were cast. Here are the final results:

Which project and community (P/C) content would you like to see more of on

  • 11.7% (22 votes) - P/C news features
  • 3.7% (7 voters) - Interviews with P/C/ leaders
  • 5.3% (10 votes) - P/C-related podcasts
  • 57.9% (109 votes) - Project demos/tutorials
  • 15.4% (29 votes) - All of the above
  • 4.2% (8 votes) - The current coverage is fine
  • 1.5% (3 votes) - Other (please leave comment)

Two comments were posted. Peter noted:

Before anything is changed on the front page, the absolutely abysmal speed of and need to be solved. Community Manager Sonya Barry replied to Peter's comment, providing a status update on the ongoing efforts to address the performance issues:

You're absolutely right on the performance issue. We've been working on it for a while now. We are currently working on removing SSL from across the site (except log-in pages and CVS/SVN access) which will speed things up significantly on it's own. Once that's done we'll also be able to cache project pages should continue to improve performance. These changes are expected to be complete in September.

The poll result is not that surprising, looked at in retrospect. But, I would not have predicted this exact result when I created the poll last week. is a developer community, and the poll result reflects that clearly: developers want to see more detailed information especially about the software projects. This is a call to the project teams to spend more time publicizing their work, and making it more accessible to the broader community, through tutorials and published and/or downloadable demos. Project owners could publish more announcements on their project site, and use a blog to publish tutorials, demos, etc. Clearly the community would be pleased if this happened.

Meanwhile, there are a few things that can be done by me, as editor. First, anyone who has news related to a project or community can let me know about it, either through email, a comment posted to one of my editor's blogs, or using the Submit Content page. Secondly, I will be actively seeking input from community and project leaders, for news items, and to do interviews and possibly podcasts, since the poll result does show that these would interest quite a lot of people.

A lot of changes to are in the works. We'd like those changes to reflect the needs and desires of the community. So please, always feel free to suggest things you'd like to see on the site.

In Java Today, Arun Gupta provides a Javali 2009 Trip Report: "I, along with several other speakers, presented at Javali (an ancillary event of FISL) earlier today. The event was sponsored by Sun Microsystems. Many thanks to Sou Java and RS JUG for organizing the event and thanks to Serpro for hosting the event. There were several speakers from different companies making the event a good mix. I presented on Java EE 6, showed GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse and gave a brief overview of some of the enterprise features of GlassFish..."

Harold Carr's Notes from Wednesday at Jazoon: "Here are my notes from the Wednesday at jazoon. Web Services and Transactions... Next Gen Wikis... Binding Java Objects to Web 3.0... AdNovum..."

Harold Carr completes his series with Notes from Thursday at Jazoon: "Here are my notes from the Thursday at Jazoon... OAuth - the missing manual... Wuala Webstart: Launching a Java Application directly from a Website... Web 2.0 @ NASA... Closing Session, Christian Frei, Keynote: 1080 attendees (20% more than last year)..."

In today's Weblogs, Amy Roh writes about Running GlassFish V3 with Apache httpd: "GlassFish V3 has improved the way to front GlassFish with Apache HTTP Server. Unlike the V2 way where users had to copy tomcat-ajp.jar and commons-*.jar, you can just enable mod_jk in V3 using the network-listener's attribute "jk-enabled" without copying any additional jars into its lib directory."

Masoud Kalali writes about Win your Copy of Wiley's OpenSolaris Bible book: "If you are thinking about OpenSolaris and you want to learn how to navigate through this OS or you are a UNIX administrator who wants to update and increase their knowledge of OpenSolaris; you can count on OpenSolaris Bible book. We at DZone posted a review of the book and will give away a copy of OpenSolaris Bible book to one of the community members which post a comment about our review or ask a question about the book and review."

And Kohsuke Kawaguchi writes about Growth of Hudson plugin ecosystem: "A Hudson committer Seiji Sogabe put together a chart that shows the growth of the Hudson plugin ecosystem."

In the Forums, ethoel is having Trouble adding LWUIT.jar to Eclipse MTJ MIDlet Project: "Hi, I'm new to Java ME and have just recently downloaded Eclipse 3.5 with MTJ 1.0 and Java ME SDK 3. When I try to create a simple Hello World program in Eclipse using LWUIT for one of Sun's emulators, I get this error: Preverification errors: Error preverifying class com.sun.lwuit.Component I've added LWUIT.jar as an external archive and checked it in Order and Export tab. I get this error even before I write any code. Creating the same project using Sun's Java_ME_Platform_SDK_3.0.exe app works no problem..."

Hassan Schroeder has a problem where JRoR WAR deployment to GF3 fails: "Relatively new to Glassfish and trying to deploy a WAR file to a GF3 (latest) server as the default app. The deployment seems to succeed, but when I try to view it, the browser only shows a 404. The logs don't show much interesting (at least to me): here's the last three entries..."

And culli asks about an Exception Interceptor: "I have a swing client that I'm trying to keep from deploying the hibernate jars with. There is a problem when hibernate exceptions happen on the server and come across to the client, it cannot deserialize them because the right classes aren't available. So to try to work around that I created an interceptor like the code below which converts the an exception's stack trace to text and makes it into a ServerSideException. The problem is all I get is "transaction marked for rollback" and never see my ServerSideException on the client. If I step through the code, I can see that the Hibernate exception (such as an InvalidValue) is occurring and getting converted to a ServerSideException... "

The current Spotlight is the final installment of Janice J. Heiss's "Developer Insight Series" Part 4: Favorite and Funny Code: "Over the years I've heard noted developers talk about their favorite code, funniest code, most beautiful code, how to write code, how not to write code, the obstacles to writing good code, what they love and hate about writing code, and so on. In the process, I've encountered a lot of insight that is worth preserving--and heard some funny stories... In the fourth and final part of the series, three developers share their funniest and most favorite code, and tell funny stories..."

The new Poll asks "What's the current status of the Java technologies employment market?". The poll will run through next Thursday.

Our Feature Articles include Felipe Gaucho's new article, Exposing Domain Models through the RESTful Service Interface, Part 1, which describes domain models and demonstrates how to create a generic CRUD application. Also, Thomas Kuenneth recently published Hacking JavaFX Binding, which describes how to apply binding within JavaFX in a manner similar to what can be accomplished using Beans Binding (JSR-295).

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 81: JTDF, in which Eric Areseneau talks about Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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A significant majority of participants in the latest poll would like to see increased project and community content on