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Community Corner 2009 Podcasts Being Published

Posted by editor on June 29, 2009 at 7:16 AM PDT

The first of many Community Corner podcasts that were recorded at JavaOne 2009 has been released: the Java Tools SQE Roundtable. Now that I've got the process of producing and publishing the podcasts down pat, I intend to produce and post the remaining podcasts as quickly as I can over the coming week or so.

In each of my daily blogs, I'll announce which podcasts have been newly published. In addition, I am going re-review each podcast once they are published, and write some commentary to provide a written overview or outline of what's discussed in the podcast.

Right now you can listen to the Java Tools SQE Roundtable, in which Java Tools Community Leaders Toni Epple and Fabiane Nardon speak with members of the SQE (Software Quality Environment) project team.

The following podcasts will be available soon (see the Community Corner 2009 Podcast Schedule for an overview of what these talks were about):