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Community Corner 2009 Podcasts Being Published

Posted by editor on June 29, 2009 at 7:16 AM PDT

The first of many Community Corner podcasts that were recorded at JavaOne 2009 has been released: the Java Tools SQE Roundtable. Now that I've got the process of producing and publishing the podcasts down pat, I intend to produce and post the remaining podcasts as quickly as I can over the coming week or so.

In each of my daily blogs, I'll announce which podcasts have been newly published. In addition, I am going re-review each podcast once they are published, and write some commentary to provide a written overview or outline of what's discussed in the podcast.

Right now you can listen to the Java Tools SQE Roundtable, in which Java Tools Community Leaders Toni Epple and Fabiane Nardon speak with members of the SQE (Software Quality Environment) project team.

The following podcasts will be available soon (see the Community Corner 2009 Podcast Schedule for an overview of what these talks were about):

  • Lambdaj project - Mario Fusco
  • SwingLabs - Jan Haderka and Alex Potochkin
  • PUJ, a JUG Contest - Felipe Gaúcho
  • Prague OSUG - Pavel Suk and Jakub Podlesak
  • Robitics and Education - Brian Jenkins and Bruce Boyes
  • OpenSolaris - James Liu
  • and MarkMail - Clark Richey
  • JUG Leadership: Lessons Learned - Matt Stine
  • Distributed Collaboration project - Dragutin Petkovic
  • JavaFX Q&A - Josh Marinacci
  • ATM Object-Oriented Design and Implementation Case Study - Paul Dietel
  • Greenfood and Robotics for Educators - Bruce Boyes and Ian Utting
  • JCP roundtable - Max Lanfranconi
  • Project Darkstar - Owen Kellett
  • JavaEE - Adam Bien

So, as I close this blog post, we've got one podcast published, and there are 15 more to go. Sounds like I've got a lot of work ahead of me!

Check the JavaOne Community Corner podcasts page, or subscribe to the feed, to see the Community Corner 2009 podcasts as they become available.

In Java Today, In JavaTools Community Newsletter - Issue 198, A new edition of the newsletter is available, with news, new projects and tips! If you want to receive the newsletter by email, please subscribe the announcements mailing list - or read the current issue here. community manager Sonya Barry addressed the fact that in certain areas, currently is sloooooow: "I realized yesterday as I was writing a comment to someone else's post about performance that even though I spend a good portion of my life dealing with the problem and looking for ways to fix it, I haven't yet addressed it in public. So here is full, public acknowledgment of a major issue with the site:'s performance has been sliding for a long time, and lately has been abysmal. It seems to be worst on Monday and Tuesday mornings. We've been working on it for a while now..."

In FISL 2009 Report, Arun Gupta presents his FISL 2009 report in four blog posts: FISL 2009 Day 1 Report; FISL Day 2 in Pictures & Videos; FISL 2009 Day 3 in Pictures & Videos, and FISL 2009 Day 4 in Pictures.

In today's Weblogs, Kirill Grouchnikov provides Trident animation library - overview and roadmap: "Introducing Trident - an animation library for Java-based applications. Trident is an animation library for Java applications, and this week i've written about the concepts behind it and APIs available to interested applications"

Cay Horstmann reports on Upgrading to Eclipse Galileo: "I installed Eclipse Galileo and report on my upgrade experience--what I had to do to get plugins to work, and what new features I noticed."

And Marina Sum writes about Running the OpenSolaris OS From a Browser: "Courtesy of a Sun Learning Services beta program, you can now run OpenSolaris from a browser for an hour at a time."

In the Forums, jmartinloi has a questions regarding Specifiying Address / Interface for cluster node communication: "Hi folks, Is it possible to specify the interface or IP address used for cluster node communication? In our data centers, we use eth0 as our management network (backups, monitoring, etc) and eth1 and higher for everything else. The problem I'm seeing is that when non-DAS nodes are advertising their locations to one another, they are doing so through eth0, which has a very restrictive set of firewall (iptables) rules for traffic. eth1 is open to the network segment that each of the cluster nodes belong to. When I disable iptables and effectively open up eth0, the nodes communicate properly and the cluster works. When I enable iptables, it fails again. To sum it up..."

sreeaurovindh would like to Create a Java User Group: "Sorry for posting this thread in the wrong section.I would like to know how to start a Java User group.Though website at Sun highlights on how to run a group effectively (including some comments from blogs) i would be happy to know on how to start a JUG online for a Java user community in our locality. Feel free to email me..."

And yena would like to know How to force behavior updates in off-screen mode?: "Dear all, I'm trying to integrate J3D with JLoox, and I need to do off-screen rendering into an image which I can then copy into the drawing. This already works, but I have noticed that the behaviors are not updated. I searched the net, and found that AutoOffscreenCanvas3D should enable behavior calculation, but then the renderOffScreenBuffer fails. I've tried to create subclass of Canvas3D that implements AutoOffScreenCanvas3D. Although the renderer seems to be running (using isRendererRunning()), I don't detect any postSwap events, and the getOffscreenBuffer method returns a black image. What am I doing wrong? ..."

The current Spotlight is the Christine Montilla Dorffi's article "2009 JavaOne Conference Wrap-Up: A Solid Show": 'The JavaOne conference is the kind of event where the declaration "Classpath is dead!" causes hundreds of people to applaud soundly and hoot their approval. We're talking hardcore, middleware-loving, certified-geeky Javaheads coming together to share their love of -- and frustrations over -- the Java programming language and platform, and the extended technology that it informs...'

This week's Poll asks "What's the current status of the Java technologies employment market?". The poll will run through Thursday.

Our Feature Articles include a new article by John Ferguson Smart, Grails and Continuous Integration: An Essential Combo, which shows how to set up a Continuous Integration (CI) build job to compile and test your Grails application in Hudson, for automated continuous integration. We're also featuring Felipe Gaucho's article, Exposing Domain Models through the RESTful Service Interface, Part 1, which describes domain models and demonstrates how to create a generic CRUD application.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 81: JTDF, in which Eric Areseneau talks about Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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The first of many Community Corner podcasts that were recorded at JavaOne 2009 has been released: the Java Tools SQE Roundtable...